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Championship Show

26th May 2001

Ch Ricksbury Royal Legend

BOB AND DCC ~ Ch. Ricksbury Royal Legend

Please enjoy a flavour of the show .

Full results are available from our RESULTS 2001 page.

Harana Jean Muir  Millhill  Le Dieu   Dog Challenge
Bitch CC Winner - Harana Jean Muir Dog RCC - Millhill Le Dieu Dog Final Line Up

Overview Judging Dogs Dog Ring
Overall view of rings Judging of dogs A view of the Dog Ring
 Bitch ring judging  Dog Ring Judging  Ringside
 Bitch ring Judging  Crowded Dog ring Bitch ring

Humberside Club Stall Bitch CC Rescue Stall
Humberside Club Stall Bitch CC - Harana Jean Muir Rescue Stall
Class Winners DCC award
Millhill Litter Brothers - Winners Undergraduate and Post Graduate Classes Dog CC Awarded