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Latest Champion of 2012 is

Ch Craigowl Out Of The Blue

Ch Aranel Cosmic x Craigowl Blueberry

Owned by Mr + Mrs Inglis

CC Scottish CKCS 2012 ~ Judge Miss S Maclaine

CC South + West Wales CKCS 2012 ~ Judge Mrs A Pennington

CC + BIS Midland CKCS 2012 ~ Judge Mr T Nethercott

Champions of 2012

Ch Peakdowns Skye

Lyncraeg Daydream x Peakdowns Penny Layne

Owned by Mr + Mrs Turnbull

CC Leeds 2011 ~ Judge Mrs G Baillie

CC Southern CKCS 2012 ~ Judge Mr B Claydon

CC Belfast 2012 ~ Judge Miss M Mallows

Champions of 2012

Ch Cavaliegh Jaida with Vallender

Pascavale Jai x Cavaliegh Stardom

Owned by Ms R Surman

CC + Bath 2012 ~ Judge Mr P Hill

CC + BOB Welsh KC 2012 ~ Judge Mrs C Jenkins

CC City of Birmingham 2012 ~ Judge Mr M Sedgwick

Champions of 2012

Ch Dalvreck Dream On at Braemarra

Ch Maibee Make Believe x Maibee Moonbeam at Dalvreck

Owned by Miss E McInally

CC + BOB WELKS 2012 ~ Judge Mr A Wight

CC + BOB Bath 2012 ~ Judge Mr P Hill

CC + BOB Joint CKCS 2012 ~ Judge Mr P Webber

Champions of 2012

Ch Brymarden Carolina Moon

Ch Maibee Make Believe x Ch Brymarden Moon River

Owned by Mrs M Claydon

CC Southern Counties 2012 ~ Judge Mrs C Dix

CC Humberside 2012 ~ Judge Mr B Townsend

CC + BOB East of England 2012 ~ Judge Miss A Bubb

Champions of 2012

Ch Craigowl Santana

Craigowl Elliot Ness x Craigowl Colombia

Owned by Mr K Vorderstrasse

CC Eastern CKCS 2012 ~ Judge Mrs S Terry

CC Dortmund 2012 ~ Judge Mrs D Fry

CC Windsor 2012 ~ Judge Mrs C Roe

Champions of 2012

Ch Angel's Pride Gentleman

Ch Maibee Make Believe x Ger Ch Angel's Pride Anastacia

Owned by Mrs T Engel

CC+BOB Manchester 2012 ~ Judge Miss A Bubb

CC+BIS The CKCS Club 2012 ~ Judge Mr G A Davies

CC+BOB Border Union 2012 ~ Judge Mrs M Wiggins

Champions of 2012

Ch Pascavale Bailey

Clopsville Rico Chico x Pascavale Brittany

Owned by Messrs Levy, Sedgwick and Cline

CC West of England CKCS 2011 ~ Judge Mr B Mitchell

CC Belfast 2011 ~ Judge Mr B Rix

CC Birmingham 2012 ~ Judge Mrs M Ford

Champions of 2012

Ch Miletree La Vie En Rose

Chamanic Voltaire at Downsbank x Indian Summer Bonitos Companeros

Owned by Mr + Mrs Towse

CC Scottish CKCS 2009 ~ Judge Mrs J Wright

CC+ BIS Northern Ireland CKCS Club 2010 ~ Judge Mr G Porter

CC+BIS Eastern CKCS 2012 ~ Judge Mrs L Gillhespy

Champions of 2012

Ch Maibee Roselyn at Lovetrac

Maibee Montrose x Maibee Moonbeam

Owned by Mr P Lovel

CC Belfast 2009 ~ Judge Mrs A Godwin

CC Northern Ireland CKCS Club 2011 ~ Judge Mrs K Li

CC UK Toy 2012 ~ Judge Mrs J Spark

Champions of 2012

Ch Verheyen Laura

Timsar Master of Ceremonies x Rivermoor Lady Lauretta

Owned by Mrs M Cunningham

CC + BOB Combined CKCS 2011 ~ Judge Mrs A Jones

CC + BOB Midland Counties 2011 ~ Judge Mrs F Somerfield

CC Manchester 2012 ~ Judge Mr S Bardwell

Champions of 2012

Ch Leogem Marcello

Ch Pascavale Jamie x Ch Leogem Minuet

Owned by Mr + Mrs Homes

CC UK Toy 2010 ~ Judge Mrs S Williams

CC + BOB Birmingham 2011 ~ Judge Mrs T Jackson

CC Boston 2012 ~ Judge Mr R Payne