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10th April 2004

Pascavale Enchanted

BIS + Dog CC ~ Pascavale Enchanted

Please enjoy a flavour of the show .

Full results are available from our RESULTS 2004 page.

Amantra Iolanthe

Bitch CC ~ Amantra Iolanthe

Best Puppy

Best Puppy - Lanola Salsa

Best Veteran

Best Veteran ~ Ch Millhill La Miel

Best Minor Puppy

Best Minor Puppy ~ Craigowl Frank 'N' Furter

Bitch Ring Dog Ring
Bitch Ring Dog Ring
Dog Ring Bitch Ring
Dog Ring Bitch Ring
Limit Dog Novice Dog
Limit Dog Winner Novice Dog Winner
Overall Overall
Overall Benching
Dog Ring Overall
Dog Ring Why Walk ?
BIS Bitch Ring
Best In Show Bitch Ring
Dog CC Sp Limit B+T/R Dog
Dog CC Winners Sp Limit B+T/R Dog