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Latest Champion of 2010 is

Ch Llustant Lunar Belle

Lorphil Lost Love x Llustant Paper Chase

Owned by Mrs Wake + Mr & Mrs Hurst

CC Humberside CKCS 2010 ~ Judge Mrs G Baker

CC South Wales 2010 ~ Judge Mrs C Dix

CC LKA 2010 ~ Judge Mrs L Flynn

Champions of 2010

Ch Whyteplace Alonso

Ch Pascavale Enchanted X Trirayne Polly Tician at Whyteplace

Owned by Mr + Mrs Wiggins

CC+BOB Richmond 2009 ~ Judge Mr F Kane

CC West of England CKCS 2010 ~ Judge Miss G Greenall

CC+BIS S+WW CKCS 2010 ~ Judge Mrs G Baker

Champions of 2010

Ch Ellemich Aurora

Ch Aranel Cosmic X Ellemich Isobel

Owned by Michelle Chapman

CC Leeds 2010 ~ Judge Mrs K Sandlan

CC Darlington 2010 ~ Judge Mrs E Britt-Nordin

CC Scottish CKCS 2010 ~ Judge Mr R Sansom

Champions of 2010

Ch Hollambrie Pink Sapphire

Hollambrie Pink Panther X Hollambrie Pink Lady

Owned by Carol Jenkins

CC Windsor 2010 ~ Judge Miss A Bubb

CC Paignton 2010 ~ Judge Miss V Williams

CC Combined CKCS 2010 ~ Judge Mrs D Fry

Champions of 2010

Ch Miletree Constellation

Ch Aranel Cosmic X Miletree Bedtime Wish

Owned by Ruta + Peter Towse

CC + BOB Border Union 2010 ~ Judge Mrs S Wake

CC + BOB Blackpool 2010 ~ Judge Mrs E Waddington

CC + BIS Northern CKCS 2010 ~ Judge Miss S Maclaine

Champions of 2010

Ch Rathbrist Rhydian

Ir Ch Rathbrist Just An Illusion X Rathbrist Britney

Owned by Kotani and Conlon

CC + BIS The Cavalier KCS Club 2010 ~ Judge Mrs V Barwell

CC Eastern CKCS 2010 ~ Judge Mrs M Mynott

CC Northern Ireland CKCS 2010 ~ Judge Mr G Porter

Champions of 2010

Ch Miletree Nella Fantercia

Ch Pascavale Jamie X Miletree Party Piece

Owned by Mr +Mrs Towse

CC SKC 2009 ~ Judge Mrs P Sidgwick

CC + BIS Humberside CKCS 2009 ~ Judge Mr M Brook

CC + BOB UK Toy 2010 ~ Judge Mr M Sedgwick

Champions of 2010

Ch Jolainey Taylor Made

Maibee Montrose X Jolainey Miss Millie

Owned by Mrs D Coole

CC Bournemouth 2009 ~ Judge Mr S Goodwin

CC LKA 2009 ~ Judge Mr J McQuaid

CC The CKCS Club 2010 ~ Judge Mr B Mitchell

Champions of 2010

Ch Loranka's Sherrie Baby

Ch Loranka's Enchanting X Loranka's Cherished Moments

Owned by Mrs L Hughes

CC Scottish CKCS Club 2009 ~ Judge Mrs G Baillie

CC South + West Wales CKCS 2009 ~ Judge Mrs E King-Smith

CC + BIS West of England CKCS 2010 ~ Judge Mr I Sidgwick

Champions of 2010

Ch Aranel Angelic

Ch Aranel Cosmic X Aranel Romantic Rosscrea

Owned by Aldous & Smith

CC Windsor 2009 ~ Judge Mrs R Mochrie

CC West of England CKCS 2009 ~ Judge Mr A Hall

CC + BOB Boston 2010 ~ Judge Mrs V Hull