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From time to time we hope to bring you interesting articles from the world of Cavaliers, so please keep returning to this page to see what we have added.

We are grateful to Ann Marie Rasmussen of Rhiannon Cavaliers Canada, for supplying many of the articles listed below. Please visit her Cavalier web site where you will find several other interesting articles.

We have indicated where an article has been written by some one else, and would thank all who have contributed. If you have an article which you would like us to consider publishing then please contact us..

General Articles


Choosing the right breed for you


Housebreaking a dog


Dog FAQ's and Myths


Rescue Dogs an Alternative


Finding a Boarding Kennel


A Dogs Life Span


Glossary of Dog Breeding Terms


Understanding Linebreeding


Significant Cavalier King Charles Spaniels by Norma Inglis


The Testing Mantra - What is testing all about


The differences between King Charles Spaniels and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


Health Articles


Health Conditions and Diseases


Mitral Valve Disease


Study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of pimobendan in heart failure caused by myxomatous mitral valve disease in dogs.  (Journal of Small Animal Practice volume 46 2005) Click Here for brief details

new Sept 2006

Management of Chronic Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease in dogs.  (In Practice July/August 2006)

new Sept 2006

Co-enzyme Q10


Episodic Falling by Barbara Reese

new April 2005

Vaccine Reactions by Bet Hargreaves

updated May 2004

Long Lived Cavaliers by Bet Hargreaves

updated March 2005

Inbreeding by Bet Hargreaves


History and Genetics by Bet Hargreaves


Syringomyelia by Bridgette Evans


Syringomyelia by Bet Hargreaves

updated May 2008

Animal Health Trust Breeding Programme


Animal Health Trust DNA Test for Curly Coat / Dry Eye and Episodic Falling

added April 2011