Trudy Albrecht Memorial Rally May 7, 2004

Ch. Sheeba Special Inspiration at Orchard Hill Monika of Burnopfield
Twickenham Thatís Amore
Judge Mary Grace Eubank
Junior Puppy DogEntry
1stDesert Sky Kodak Moment
2ndAlavour Underwood
3rdStellar Prophecy
4thBentwood The Usual Suspect
Senior Puppy Dog Entry
1stMilestone Bob's Your Uncle
2ndPratt First Choice
3rdDarkstar Cailloux Chandler
4thCaptiveheart Summer Storm
Junior Puppy BitchEntry
1stNightingale Paris
2ndAubinwood Sophie
3rdBurrlane Ruby Slippers
4thLynsfaire Thanks A Million
Senior Puppy BitchEntry
1stTwickenham Thatís Amore
2ndSheeba Discover Alexia
3rdOggbrae Button Gwinnett
4thFalling Springs Serendipity
Graduate Puppy DogEntry
1stMaibee Milan of Bentwood
2ndCrossbow American Idol of Tassajara
3rdExcalibur Etouffee
4thRadiant Romancer at Caddo
Milestone Bob's Your Uncle Twickenham Thatís Amore
Novice DogEntry
1stExcalibur Sancho Panza
2ndTwickenham Tabasco
3rdPratt Ever So Charming
4thNightingale Lone Ranger
Bred By Exhibitor DogEntry
1stSheryane Rutherford Jamieson
2ndAlavour Joseph
3rdKrystle Harry Potter
American Bred DogEntry
1stFairfield Maximus of Ballymena
2ndDesert Sky Ace In The Hole
3rdEmenkay Ellington
4thHeavensgate Quincy of Aubinwood
Health and Conformation DogEntry
Special Limit Blenheim DogEntry
1stCh. Sanickro Stylistic at Hobbshire
2ndCh. Wandris Showcase of Sumara
3rdSaintbrides Thom
4thCabochan Red Corvette
Special Limit Tri-Color DogEntry
1stCh. Sheeba Special Inspiration at Orchard Hill
2ndSanickro Double Vision at Brynwood
3rdChoya Albertino
Special Limit Ruby Dog Entry
1stPratt Christmas Gift
2ndPratt Christmas Special
3rdBryndael Alfred De Dalmas
Special Limit Black and Tan DogEntry
1stTaron Jack Of Clubs
2ndLittle Witch Cloak n Dagger
3rdCh. Harana Versace at Hobbshire
4thDownsbank Gunpowder at Evanlake
Open DogEntry
1stCh. Brookhaven Dream Lover
2ndLuxxar Follow Me
3rdFlying Colors Maxima
4thBill Cody at Charnell of Falling Springs
Graduate Puppy BitchEntry
1stBanner Betty Boop
2ndCrossbow Sweet Revenge of Shadowbrook
3rdKeyingham Olwenna at Verity
4thBallymena Winters Tale
Novice BitchEntry
1stMaibee Ave Maria of Bentwood
2ndPratt Ever So Graceful
3rdTravtana Berry Blitz
Bred By Exhibitor BitchEntry
1stBrookhaven Peggy Sue
2ndGreenabella Barbarella
3rdNobella Palos Verdes
American Bred BitchEntry
1stDallarock Moonglow
2ndNobella Timely Fashion
3rdChadwick Bejewelled of Tutbury
4thLovejoy Sweet Sassy
Health & Conformation BitchEntry
Special Limit Blenheim BitchEntry
1stMonika of Burnopfield
2ndCh. Orchard Hill Where's The Party?
3rdLuxxar Tillie Tooter
4thCh. Wandris Chorus Girl of Sumara
Special Limit Tri-Color BitchEntry
1stMaibee Verona of Bentwood
2ndNobella Gabriel
Special Limit Ruby BitchEntry
1stPascavale Suzanne
2ndPratt Aint She Sweet
3rdFalling Springs Gangsta Love
4thGlenellen Buena Vista Club
Special Limit Black & Tan BitchEntry
1stHarana Mary Quant at Milestone
2ndStellar Littlest Angel at Krystle
3rdTaron Gypsy Rose Lee At Bryndael
4thBryndael Celsiana at Carlen
Open BitchEntry
1stHurleaze Birthday Kiss
2ndCh. Orchard Hill Party Shoes
3rdEvesham Dreams Come True
4thChadwick Bewitched at Blackfire
Ch. Sheeba Special Inspiration at Orchard Hill Monika of Burnopfield
Sheryane Rutherford Jamieson Hurleaze Birthday Kiss
Results Entered By Gerri Dueringer