CKCSC-USA National Specialty May 15, 2005

Ch. & Eng. Ch. Ricksbury Royal Intrigue of Pinecrest Ch & AKC Ch. Orchard Hill Never Grow Up
Ch.& AKC Ch. Orchard Hill Never Grow Up Shado Run Hot Damn Here I Am
Judge Mr. Hans Boelaars, Lamslag Cavaliers, Netherlands
Junior Puppy DogEntry8
1stDallarock Bronson
2ndKalidunn Poppy Jasper
3rdCastlemaine Believe In Magic
4thNightingale Bonanza
Senior Puppy DogEntry10
1stShado Run Hot Damn Here I Am
2ndKrystle Royal Obsidian
3rdCovington Rowdy Romance
4thLastarz Double Vision
Junior Puppy BitchEntry18
1stKellene Pretty Penny
2ndCastlemaine Pure Magic
3rdFlying Colors Sony Cybershot
4thNightingale Honeymoon
Senior Puppy BitchEntry10
1stNightingale Evening Star
2ndKexby Midnight Cinderella at Milestone
3rdMilestone Serendipity at Greenabella
4thKrystle Miss Rheingold of Lynsfaire
Shado Run Hot Damn Here I Am Nightingale Evening Star
Novice DogEntry5
1stRutherford Maserati
2ndBenchmark Star Shine
3rdStellar Prophecy
4thChadwick Star Spangled Banner
Bred-by Exhibitor DogEntry5
1stCh. Milestone Bob's Your Uncle
2ndFlying Colors It's All About Me
3rdSheeba Red Baron
4thCh. Brookhaven Dream Lover
American Bred DogEntry2
1stExcalibur Etouffee
2ndGraceton Leader of the Pack
Health and Conformation DogEntry1
1stCh.& Can.Ch. Christleton Jupiter at Brynwood
Special Limit Blenheim DogEntry6
1stGrantilly Northern Flame
2ndHeavensgate Quincy of Aubinwood
3rdSaintbride's Thom
4thPascavale Double Take of Lastarz
Special Limit Tricolor DogEntry6
1stBenchmark Butch Cassidy
2ndExcalibur Sancho Panza
3rdFlying Colors McIntosh
4thPamedna Bob's Ya Uncle
Special Limit Ruby DogEntry5
1stCloseburn Innes Kerr
2ndLastarz Double Take In Red
3rdBryndael Fire King of Nightingale
4thPratt Christmas Special
Special Limit Black & Tan DogEntry7
1stFlying Colors Dr. Pepper
2ndMyrnac Barclay Braun
3rdRoyal Companion Sinatra
4thTuneen Norton
Open DogEntry8
1stCh.& Eng. Ch. Ricksbury Royal Intrigue of Pinecrest
2ndCh. Flying Colors Maxima
3rdCh.& Eng. Ch. Pascavale Ryan
4thCh. Sanickro Mr. Fyre at Brynwood
Graduate Puppy DogEntry14
1stSaintbrides Puck
2ndGrantilly Galliano
3rdFlying Colors Miata Zoomster
4thPinecrest Undercover Brother
Graduate Puppy BitchEntry20
1stBanner Lil Dancer
2ndKrystle Double Delight
3rdPratt I Know She's Mine
4thPinecrest Framework
Novice BitchEntry2
1stWinbury Hermione Granger
2ndBayou Razzle Dazzle
Bred-by Exhibitor BitchEntry10
1stAKC Ch. Sheeba Oh My Darling
2ndBanner Betty Boop
3rdCh.&AKC Ch. Pinecrest Night Light
4thRoycroft It's All About Me
American Bred BitchEntry5
1stEldee Splendor In The Grass
2ndGlenellen Buena Vista Club
3rdCynja Always Have Paris
4thCloseburn Tessie MacTavish
Special Limit Blenheim BitchEntry5
1stAKC Ch. Pinecrest Awesom Blossom
2ndNightingale Soprano
3rdOggbrae Button Gwinnett
4thTutbury Pennies From Heaven at Kyrstle
Special Limit Tricolor Bitch Entry6
1stCh&AKC Ch. Orchard Hill Never Grow Up
2ndCan. Ch. Millhill Surtout
3rdRoseriver All That Jazz
4thClaymoore Adds Some Sass
Special Limit Ruby Bitch Entry3
1stRiverview Orange Blossom
2ndMilestone Moulin Rouge
3rdPratt Ever So Graceful
Special Limit Black & Tan BitchEntry4
1stTanglewood Tanzabelle
2ndFalling Springs Jasmine of Autumn Hill
3rdSinglestone Flying Colors Abigale
4thStellar Littlest Angel at Krystle
Open BitchEntry3
1stCh.& Eng Ch. Ricksbury Royal Temptation at Pinecrest
2ndCh. Covington Virginia Louise
3rdFlying Colors Cadillac CTS
Veteran Bitch Entry5
1stRedthea Vanilla Twist
2ndExcalibur Sprite
3rdFitzarran Heavens to Betsy
4thCloseburn Romeo's Juliet
Ch. & Eng. Ch. Ricksbury Royal Intrigue of Pinecrest Ch.& AKC Ch. Orchard Hill Never Grow Up
Ch.Milestone Bob's Your Uncle Ch. & Eng Ch. Ricksbury Royal Temptation of Pinecrest
Results Entered By Erica Venier