Cavaliers of the Midwest July 23, 2005

CKCSC/AKC Ch. Orchard Hill Never Grow Up CKCSC/ENG Ch. Pascavale Ryan
CKCSC/ENG Ch. Pascavale Ryan Firethorn Holy Holy Holy
Judge Roberta Jones, Rutherford Cavaliers
Junior Puppy DogEntry10
1stOrchard Hill Invitation Only
2ndPascavale D'Artagnon
3rdFlying Colors Picabo
4thWestwind The Contender
Senior Puppy DogEntry8
1stBenchmark Starbucks
2ndNightingale Hanky Panky
3rdLeelyn Jimmy Cricket
4thKrystle Royal Obsidian
Junior Puppy BitchEntry19
1stOrchard Hill Fox In Socks
2ndStellar Hot Flash
3rdOrchard Hill Nice Boots, Baby
4thBrookhaven Classic City
Senior Puppy Bitch Entry10
1stFirethorn Holy Holy Holy
2ndBenchmark Stardust at Briarcrest
3rdNightingale Honeymoon at Riverview
4thPromontory Cloisonne
Benchmark Starbucks Firethorn Holy Holy Holy
Graduate Puppy DogEntry14
1stShirmont Cambridge Blue
2ndLovejoy Orion
3rdSheeba Artemis
4thSaintbrides Puck
Novice DogEntry1
1stNightingale Mr. Goodbar
Bred-by Exhibitor Dog Entry6
1stCh. Brookhaven Dream Lover
2ndFlying Colors It's All About Me
3rdShirmont Rhapsody In Blue
4thAvia Kismet
American Bred DogEntry6
1stCloseburn Dougle Sinclair
2ndRegis Portait Eternal Flame
3rdFlying Colors Armani
4thRadiant I Luv louie at Caddo
Health and Conformation DogEntry1
1stHomerbrent Esquire at Sevenwoods
Special Limit Blenheim DogEntry4
1stSheeba Discover O'Connor
2ndGrantilley Smarty Jones
3rdCh. Miletree Macnab
4thSheeba Discover Marco Polo
Special Limit Tricolor DogEntry3
1stOrchard Hill Fair Play
2ndRadiant Romancer at Caddo
3rdChadwick Jack In The Box
Special Limit Ruby DogEntry4
1stCloseburn Innes Kerr
2ndStellar Prophecy
3rdFlying Colors Mile High Love
4thMargann Clifford
Special Limit Black and Tan DogEntry4
1stRoyal Companion Sinatra
2ndFlying colors Dr. Pepper
3rdMyrnac Barclay Braun, CGC
4thLeelyn Tatu
Open DogEntry5
1stCh.& Eng. Ch. Pascavale Ryan
2ndLinjato Wild About Harry
3rdCh. Flying Colors Maxima
4thHuntcrest Moon Doggie
CKCSC/ENG Ch. Pascavale Ryan CKCSC/AKC Ch. Orchard Hill Never Grow Up
CKCSC/AKC Ch. Brookhaven Dream Lover Firethorn Holy Holy Holy
Results Entered By Erica Venier