Cavaliers of the South July 24, 2005

Ch. & Eng Ch. Pascavale Ryan Grantilley Smarty Jones
Ch & AKC Ch. Orchard Hill Never Grow Up Bentwood Matera
Judge Lorraine Hughes, Loranka Cavaliers, UK
Orchard Hill Invitation Only Bentwood Matera
Junior Puppy DogEntry8
1stOrchard Hill Invitation Only
2ndBrookhaven Stormy Night
3rdFlying Colors Picabo
4thWestwind The Contender
Senior Puppy DogEntry7
1stBenchmark Starbucks
2ndBrookhaven Southern Nights
3rdLeelyn Jimmy Cricket
4thKalidunn Poppy Jasper
Junior Puppy BitchEntry17
1stBentwood Matera
2ndOrchard Hill Nice Boots, Baby
3rdSheeba Jezebel
4thHighcotton De-Lovely
Senior Puppy BitchEntry10
1stFirethorn Holy Holy Holy
2ndBenchmark Stardust at Briarcrest
3rdNightingale Honeymoon at Riverview
4thWinbury Hillwood Lil Jewel
Graduate Puppy DogEntry14
1stSheeba Artemis
2ndSaintbrides Puck
3rdWoody Valentine
4thFlying Colors Miata Zoomster
Bred-by Exhibitor DogEntry6
1stShirmot Rhapsody In Blue
2ndCh. Jayba Monte Carlo
3rdFlying Colors It's All About Me
4thCloseburn Dougle Sinclair
American Bred DogEntry6
1stRadiant I Luv Louie at Caddo
2ndRegis Portrait Eternal Flame
3rdFlying Colors Armani
4thChimera Southern Gent
Health and ConformationEntry1
1stHomerbrent Esquire at Sevenwoods
Special Limit Blenheim DogEntry5
1stGrantilley Smarty Jones
2ndCh. Miletree Macnab
3rdPinecrest Life of the Party
4thCh. Wandris Showcase of Sumara
Special Limit Tricolor DogEntry3
1stRadiant Romancer at Caddo
2ndOrchard Hill Fair Play
3rdChadwick Jack In The Box
Special Limit Ruby DogEntry4
1stCloseburn Innes Kerr
2ndFlying colors Mile High Love
3rdStellar Prophecy
4thMargann Clifford
Special Limit Black and Tan DogEntry4
1stRoyal Companion Sinatra
2ndLeelyn Tatu
3rdMyrnac Barclay Braun, CGC
4thFlying Colors Dr. Pepper
Open DogEntry5
1stCh. & Eng. Ch. Pascavale Ryan
2ndCh. Flying Colors Maxima
3rdHuntcrest Moon Doggie
4thLinjato Wild About Harry at Highcotton
Graduate Puppy BitchEntry12
1stPinecrest Framework
2ndShirmont Chyna Blue
3rdPinecrest Ella Enchanted
4thNightingale Evening Star
Novice BitchEntry3
1stKalidunn Honey Rider
2ndChadwick Fire Dancer
3rdBayou Razzle Dazzle
Bred-by Exhibitor BitchEntry5
1stCh.&AKC Ch. Pinecrest Night Light
2ndAvia Referee's Call
3rdEmenkay Evannarose
4thSheeba Angelina Ballerina
American Bred BitchEntry10
1stKrisala Kadence Style
2ndCrumpette Saltwater Taffy
3rdCloseburn Tessie MacTavish
4thCovington Meydenbaur Bell
Special Limit Blenheim BitchEntry6
1stTwickenham Brookhaven Sage
2ndRicksbury Royal Attraction of Pinecrest
3rdNightingale Shining Star
4thChadwick Dream Weaver of Heartsong
Special Limit Tricolor BitchEntry1
1stRoseriver All That Jazz
Special Limit Ruby BitchEntry3
1stLeelyn Tilly
2ndRiverview Orange Blossom
3rdBurrlane Ruby Slippers
Special Limit Black and Tan BitchEntry2
1stRaved About Her at Rheinvelt of Sumara
2ndStellar Littlest Star at Krystle
Open BitchEntry6
1stCh.& AKC Ch.Orchard Hill Never Grow Up
2ndCh.& AKC Ch. Miletree Nolana at Shirmont
3rdFlying Colors Cadillac,CTS
4thRoycroft Well Taken
Ch. & Eng Ch. Pascavale Ryan Ch. & AKC Ch. Orchard Hill Never Grow Up
Grantilley Smarty Jones Ch. & AKC Ch. Pinecrest Night Light
Results Entered By Erica Venier