Cavaliers of the Mid West 2nd October 2004

Raved about her at Rheinvelt of Sumara Ch. Bill Cody at Charnell of Falling Springs
Ch. Bill Cody at Charnell of Falling Springs Marjorelle Mustique
Judge Mrs. Lorraine Gillhespy
Junior Puppy DogEntry8
1stShirmont Cambridge Blue
2ndHuntcrest Moon Doggie
3rdFlying Colours It's all about me
4thCloseburn Andy Echlin
Senior Puppy DogEntry8
1stShirmont Red White & Blue
2ndRadiant I Luv Louie at caddo
3rdWinterhaven Casanova
4thWinterhaven Lord William
Junior Puppy BitchEntry15
1stPinecrest Framework
2ndBenchmark Highlight
3rdShirmont Shades of Blue
4thCotillion Cinnabon
Senior Puppy BitchEntry11
1stMarjorelle Mustique
2ndPinecrest Glory's Story
3rdRoseriver All That Jazz
4thFlying Colours Katmosphere
Shirmont Cambridge Blue Marjorelle Mustique
Graduate puppy DogEntry7
1stMaibee Milan of Bentwood
2ndFlying Colours Armani
3rdCarver's Mister Mayfield
4thSheeba Discover O Connor
Novice DogEntry2
1stLoranka's Majical Moments
2ndWinterhaven Louis O Ashleigh
Bred by Exhibitor DogEntry8
1stSheeba Harry Potter
2ndCrossbow American Idol of Tassjara
3rdCh. Flying Colours Maxima
4thRadiant Romancer at Caddo
American Bred DogEntry7
1stCh. Ivylane Jacob at Pied Piper
2ndWinterhaven Lexus
3rdCh. Jayba Monte Carlo
4thCambridge Halfmoon Coppertop
Health and Conformation DogEntry1
1stCh. Hurleaze Birthday Boy at Shirmont
Special Limit Blenheim DogEntry3
1stCh. Miletree McNab
2ndGrantilley as Good as it Gets at Mayfield
Special Limit Tricolour DogEntry3
1stCraigowl Jesmond at Brookhaven
2ndFelicity Give Me One More Shot
3rdRooftop Chico The Man
Special Limit Ruby DogEntry3
1stImmenhof's Coriander
2ndBiscay Saturday Night Fever at Bayside
3rdCampanards Mr Sweden at Vesta
Special Limit Black & Tan DogEntry4
1stFlying Colours Dr. Pepper
2ndSorata Jokers Wild
3rdRheinvelt Rock DJ of Sumara
Open DogEntry7
1stCh. Bill Cody at Charnell of Falling Springs
2ndSheeba Special Discovery
3rdCh. Brookhaven Dream Lover
4thCan. Ch. Ivylane Samson
Graduate Puppy BitchEntry11
1stMiletree Nolana at Shirmont
2ndRheinvelt Ready to Rave of Sumara
3rdRoi L Ivre De Joie at Ivylane
4thPinecrest Night Light
Novice BitchEntry6
1stTwickenham Brookhaven Sage
2ndTrusties Aphrodite at Sikeleli
3rdCynja Striptease
4thLuxxar o'Lindsay
Bred by Exhibitor BitchEntry7
1stExcalibur Fire and Ice of Crossbow
2ndPinecrest Awesome Blossom
3rdSheeba Oh My Darling
4thEmenkay Glamor and Glitz
American Bred BitchEntry7
1stBrookhaven Peggy Sue
2ndSheeba Twinkle Star of Jayba
3rdBenchmark Rodeo Drive
4thIvylane Allison
Special Limit Blenheim BitchEntry8
1stMaibee Ave Maria of Bentwood
2ndEmenkay Evannarose
3rdCharlottetown Irish Rose at Marjorelle
4thRoycroft Wish upon a Star at Kalidunn
Special Limit Tricolour BitchEntry4
1stMaibee Verona of Bentwood
2ndRadiant Pollyanna at Caddo
3rdAngel's Pride Graffiti Girl of Kalidunn
4thPinecrest Takes Two to Tango
Special Limit Ruby BitchEntry3
1stRingleader Caught U Looking of Falling Springs
2ndBurrlane Ruby Slippers
3rdHarana Dolly Parton
Specail Limit Black and Tan BitchEntry1
1stRaved about Her at Rheinvelt of Sumara
Open BitchEntry3
1stBenchmark Pinecrest Star Light
2ndGlenellen Buena Vista Club
3rdChadwick Bewitched at Blackfire
Ch. Bill Cody at Charnell of Falling Springs Raved about her at Rheinvelt of Sumara
Sheeba Harry Potter Miletree Nolana at Shirmont
Results Entered By Lorraine Gillhespy