CKCSC National Specialty Sunday 14th May 2006

Ch Ricksbury Royal Attraction Charnell Merrydown of AutumnHill
Charnell Merrydown of AutumnHill Kexby Caribbean Queen
Judge Mrs Betty Deemer
Junior PuppyEntry18
1stMozart vom Welfenhof
2ndCotillion Some Like It Hot
3rdCynja Dreamboat
4thCobalatino Romeo
Senior PuppyEntry16
1stCh Pinecrest Orchard Hill Rock The Boat
2ndTruliv Kiss N Tell of Jayba
3rdNightingale Star Gazer
4thCloseburn Graham Macinnes
Junior PuppyEntry30
1stRutherford Tallulah
2ndCynja Dream On
3rdFelicity Wicked
4thPinecrest Shabby Chic
Senior PuppyEntry17
1stKexby Caribbean Queen
2ndChadwick Laphroaig
3rdSheeba Popular Inspiration
4thAllrena Henrietta
Ch Pinecrest Orchard Hill Rock The Boat Kexby Caribbean Queen
Graduate PuppyEntry11
1stFlying Colors Picabo
2ndRiverview Cool Hand Luke
3rdAngels Pride Edinburgh
4thTwickenham Charmin Red Rouge
1stCharnell Top Of The Bill
2ndCalais Dances With Squirrels
3rdCaddo Graham Hill at Radiant
4thStellar Prowler
Bred By ExhibitorEntry11
1stDallarock Bronson
2ndKrystle Royal Obsidian
3rdCh Flying Colors Maxima
4thShirmont Rhapsody in Blue
Junior American BredEntry9
1stCameliaBay Constellation
2ndHathersage Monteverde
3rdHighcotton Mutual Fund
4thLanmar Baylor Blackhawk
American Bred 18 mth+Entry20
1stShirmont Cambridge Blue
2ndFelicity Windstar
3rdBenchmark Star Shine
4thLovejoy Orion
2nd Generation American BredEntry10
1stSaintbrides Puck
2ndSheeba Artemis
3rdPinecrest Life Of The Party
4thRockcreek Covington Durango
Health + ConfirmationEntry2
1stChadwick Rhumba
Sp Limit BlenheimEntry12
1stCharnell Merrydown of AutumnHill
2ndCh Pascavale Pancho at Brookhaven
3rdRonnoc Tomson of Moorfields
4thFlying Colors Mazda Roadster
Sp Limit TriEntry8
1stWindnsea Mini Cooper
2ndFlying Colors It's All About Me
3rdCobblestone Pungo
4thChadwick Jack In the Box
Sp Limit RubyEntry11
1stShado Run Rush To Ministik
2ndSimbab des Cavaliers de L'encre Bleue Marine
3rdBryndael Fire King
4thLinsdon One Tin Soldier
Sp Limit Black + TanEntry9
1stRoyal Companion Sinatra
2ndHarana Marvin Gaye at Brynwood
3rdTaron Jack Of Clubs
4thToscanini de la Montagne Ensoleillee
1stCh Dallarock Spellbound
2ndHuntcrest Moon Doggie
3rdLymrey Hi Octane
4thCh & Eng Ch Pascavale Ryan at Brookhaven
Senior Open 7 years+Entry9
1stGrantilly As Good As It Gets at Mayfield
2ndCh Naughty By Nature
3rdCh & Can Ch Christleton Jupiter at Brynwood
4thCh Hurleaze Birthday Boy at Shirmont
Graduate PuppyEntry19
1stShirmont Birthday Party Girl
2ndMaibee Divine of Bentwood
3rdPascavale Sweet Surprise at Brookhaven
4thLuxxar Cara Mia
1stMayfield Bonnie Bright
2ndSarah V.H. Lamslag at Laughing
3rdSaintbrides Bronwyn
4thFalling Springs Rumours R Fly N at AutumnHill
Bred By ExhibitorEntry19
1stCh Truluv Kissamee
2ndShirmont Chyna Blue
3rdCh Bentwood High Class
4thAubinwood Carbon Copy
Junior American BredEntry13
1stRutherford Rachel
2ndFelicity Trouble
3rdHighcotton De-Lightful
4thRoseriver Celebration
American bred 18mth+Entry12
1stBrookhaven Downtown
2ndMayfield Betsy George
3rdPinecrest Glory's Story
4thFlying Colors Mirada
2nd Generation American BredEntry13
1stOrchard Hill Flower Power
2ndKellene Pretty Penny
3rdRoycroft Charlies Angel of Moncoeur
4thChadwick Moonshine
Health + ConfirmationEntry4
1stCh Chadwick Silver Dollar
2ndCh Chadwick Bewitched at Blackfire
3rdCobblestone Sabrina
4thBayou Roulette
Sp Limit BlenheimEntry14
1stCh Ricksbury Royal Attraction
2ndShirmont Shades Of Blue
3rdMaibee Ave Maria of Bentwood
4thLoranka's Heavenly Bliss
Sp Limit TriEntry11
1stCh Orchard Hill Nice Boots, Baby
2ndSilverspoon Double Take
3rdWinbury Grace Note
4thNightingale Honeymoon at Riverview
Sp Limit RubyEntry9
1stCobblestone Inga
2ndStellar Stargate
3rdKellene Blood Sweat n Tears
4thBryndale Gingersnap
Sp Limit Black + TanEntry6
1stAubinwood Ravin
2ndBryndael Celsiana at Carlen
3rdAmantra Maybelline
4thGrandville Gift Of Grace
1stCh & Eng Ch Ricksbury Royal Temptation of Pinecrest
2ndCh Lorqanka's Weave Dream of Forestcreek
3rdCh Miletree Sunset Party at Shirmont
4thFlying Colors Catera
Senior Open 7 years+Entry5
1stMavoureen Skip To My Lou
2ndCh Chadwick Miss Moneypenny
3rdChadwick September Song at Blackfire
4thCh Sheeba Sunny Delight
Veteran DogEntry1
1stCh Christleton Jupiter at Brynwood
Veteran BitchEntry12
1stMavourneenSkip To My Lou
2ndCh Chadwick Silver Dollar
3rdRedthea Vanilla Twist
4thCulloden Zither
Stud DogEntry
1stCh Flying Colors Maxima
2ndCh Hurleaze Birthday Boy at Shirmont
Brood BitchEntry
Charnell Merrydown of AutumnHill Ch Ricksbury Royal Attraction
Saintbrides Puck Ch & Eng Ch Ricksbury Royal Temptation of Pinecrest
Results Entered By Steve Mynott