Cavaliers of the South 12 Nov 2006

Truluv Kiss N Tell of Jayba Shirmont Chyna Blue
Shirmont Chyna Blue Orchard Hill Here For Th Party
Judge Jean Grant (Granasil UK)
Junior Puppy Entry
1stOrchard Hill Here For Th Party
2ndGrandville King Solomon
3rdFlying Colors P.S. I Love You
4thBurrlane Chicago Fire
Senior Puppy Entry
1stMozart vom Welfenhof
2ndGlennellen Fabian Bravo of Crossbow
3rdKalais Evening Walk
4thGlenellen Leo's Legend
Junior PuppyEntry
1stChadwick Candlelight
2ndPinecrest Bluegrass Cat
3rdMyrnac Its My Parti
4thBurrlane Sylvia Silvertoe
Senior PuppyEntry
1stBrown Sugar Of Woodville at Blackfire
2ndDitchy V.H. Lamslag
3rdKrystle Noonvale Caliente Of Lynsfaire
4thKayangee Fanny Price
Orchard Hill Here For Th Party Brown Sugar Of Woodville at Blackfire
Graduate PuppyEntry
1st Truluv Kiss N Tell of Jayba
2ndCobalatino Romeo
3rdRoi L Carte Blanche
4thHenri Maison LaStolp at Merrychase
1stCloseburn Graham Macinnes
2ndJayba Bad To the Bone
Bred By ExhibitorEntry
1stShirmont Cambridge Blue
2ndAubinwood Repeat
3rdCloseburn Dougal Sinclair
4thKrystle Royal Obsidian
Junior American BredEntry
1stAve Art In The Park
2ndBrookhaven Rolex
3rdTaron Brandys Ricky
4thFlying Colors Haagen Dazs
American BredEntry
1stRadiant I Luv Louie at Caddo
2ndTwickenham Charmin Red Rogue
3rdCastlemaine Magic Man
4thPinecrest Life Of The Party
Health + ConfirmationEntry
1stTanglewood Scottish Links
2ndChadwick Rhumba
3rdCh & Can Ch Christleton Jupiter at Brynwood
4thKenjockety The Godfather
Sp Limit BlenheimEntry
1stCh Ch Pinecrest Orchard Hill Rock The Boat
2ndCharnell Merrydown of AutumnHill
3rdBrookhaven Bear With Me at Lynsfaire
4thAve Kerry John Potter
Sp Limit TriEntry
1stPamedna Bobs Ya Uncle
2ndStarwind Magic Moment
3rdChadwick Brig O' Doon
4thExcalibur Sancho Panza
Sp Limit RubyEntry
1stSalsara red Knight at Firethorne
2ndShado Run Hot Damm Here I Am at Noonvale
3rdCloseburn Innes Kerr
4thSteller Fireball
Sp Limit B+TEntry
1stPascavale Stanley at Brookhaven
2ndRoyal Companion Sinatra
3rdMyrnac Barcaly Braun
4thLittle Witch Cloak N Dagger
1stCharnell Top Of The Bill
2ndPascavale Pancho at Brookhaven
3rdSalador Captain Cloudy
4thCan Ch. Charlottetown Topman
Graduate PuppyEntry
1stKexby Caribbean Queen
2ndCrystalkane Aubinwood Jasmine
3rdPinecrest Shabby Chic
4thTruluv Surprise Kiss
1stSheeba Discover Betty Boop
2ndSaintbrides Bronwyn
3rdTanglewood Taron Mirabelle
4thChadwick Pickety
Bred By ExhibitorEntry
1stCastlemaine Pure Magic
2ndCh Shirmont Birthday Party Girl
3rdPinecrest Glory's Story
4thAubinwood Sassifras
Junior American BredEntry
1stCloseburn Brighde Douglas of Denham
2ndRutherford Therese
3rdHarmony Miss Independence
4thChadwick Laphroaig
American BredEntry
1stKellene Pretty Penny of Silverspoon
2ndChadwick Coco Chanel
3rdRutherford Helen Wheels
4thCobblestone Inga
Health + ConfirmationEntry
1stCh Chadwick Silver Dollar
Sp Limit BlenheimEntry
1stFlying Colors Catera
2ndLeogem Rhumba at Truluv
3rdAubinwood Carbon Copy
4thSalegreen Sunflower of Seneca Manor
Sp Limit TriEntry
1stLuxxar Cara Mia
2ndChadwick Quick As A Wink
3rdWindham Noel
Sp Limit RubyEntry
1stUltra Spice of Woodville at Grandville
2ndCotillon Cinnabon
3rdTravtana Reluctant Debutant
4thBrydael The Gay Divorcee
Sp Limit B+TEntry
1stTaron Brandy Julep
2ndRaved About Her at Rheinvelt of Sumara
3rdRoi L Arabesque
4thBryndael Celsiana at Carlen
1stShirmont Chyna Blue
2ndFirethorne Holy Holy Holy
3rdKrystle Double Delight
Veteran DogEntry
1stFairfield Mr Snow
2ndTaron Jack of Clubs
Veteran BitchEntry
1stCloseburn Romeos Juliet
2ndCh Little Witch Goosebump
3rdButtons Orange Vikoria
4thHeavensgate Madeline
Truluv Kiss N Tell of Jayba Shirmont Chyna Blue
Ch Pinecrest Orchard Hill Rock The Boat Sheeba Discover Betty Boop
Results Entered By Jean Grant