Bolsover & District Canine Society (not Judged on the Group System) Sunday, 18th November 2007

Carolus Tommy Atkins Carolus Little Madam
Best Opposite Sex
Reserve Best Of Breed: Castlewytch Imagination
Judge : Mrs E Spavin-Harrison (Sholeen)
PuppyEntry14, 9a
1stKnight's Carolus Little Madam
2ndTarabad's Khatabi Edie Does It
3rdBayliss' Castlewytch in Dreams
ReserveDeans' Clockpelters Louisa
VHCHobbs' Scotlass Bolero (NAF/TAF)
JuniorEntry7, 3a
1stKnight's Carolus Tommy Atkins
2ndDeans' Clockpelters Lucille
3rdJohnston's Brigodee Celtic Whisper
ReserveHeslop's Dodibones Buttercup Ice
GraduateEntry12, 5a
1stKnight's Carolus Tommy Atkins
2ndBayliss' Castlewytch Serendipity
3rdDeans' Clockpelters Emmylou
ReserveGreensmith's Charterwood Dragoon
VHCJohnston's Brigodee Celtic Whisper
Post GraduateEntry10, 4a
1stKnight's Carolus Tommy Atkins
2ndTarabad's Khatabi Eamon High JW
3rdDeans' Clockpelters Truly Fair
ReserveHobb's Wyncliff Lady Karly
VHCAbbott's Norcroft Sweet Molly Malone
OpenEntry8, 4a
1stBayliss' Castlewytch Imagination
2ndJohnston/Knight's Clockpelters the Pretender
3rdAbbott's Norcroft Megan's Sweet Dream
ReserveAbbott's Norcroft Sweet Molly Malone
Results Entered By Chris Knight