Derby Canine Society Open Show, Saturday, 26th September 2009

Mangham's Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale Abbott's Carolus Peggy Sue
Reserve Best Of BreedJohnston's Clockpelters the Pretender
Best Dog PuppyHoughton's Brigodee Shooting Star
Best Bitch PuppyAbbott's Carolus Peggy Sue
Judge Mrs Ruta Towse (Miletree)
Puppy DogEntry4 (0a)
1stHoughton's Brigodee Shooting Star
2ndHobbs' Khatibi Ready Teddy Go to Beeaconsfylde
3rdBeetham's Elizasholly Mary's Boy Child
ReserveHoughton's Brigodee Christmas Star
Puppy BitchEntry8 (3a)
1stAbbott's Carolus Peggy Sue
2ndBradley's Garlouchi Star Struck
3rdBeetham's Elizasholly Santa Baby
ReserveMackenzie's Rosatalur Tanara
JuniorEntry8 (1W)
1stMangham's Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale
2ndPastre's Princess Summer Sensation
3rdJinks' Khatibi Angus Macoatup at Edenloch
ReserveHobbs' Khatibi Heidi Desireable at Beaconsfylde
Post GraduateEntry11 (1a)
1stMangham's Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale
2ndPinder's Kringleholme Chauffeur
3rdMackenzie's Carsan Chazmagic
ReserveBeetham's Elizasholly Cara's Pride
Open DogEntry6 (0a)
1stJohnston's Clockpelters the Pretender
2ndPinder's Tasset Prince Royal
3rdPinder's Moonvale Song 'n' Dance
ReserveHall's Clockpelters the Viceroy
Open BitchEntry6 (1a)
1stJohnston's Brigodee Celtic Whispers
2ndPastre's Princess Summer Sensation
3rdBeetham's Elizasholly Cara's Pride
ReserveColavecchia-Fish's Carolus Lidia
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