Mildand CKCS Members' Limited Show Saturday, 19th April 2008

: Lewis' Daraste Amazing Grace : Boyd's Drumhaye Celebrity
Best Opposite Sex: Biggs' Korolevsky Faberge Kellorian JW
Reserve Best Of Breed: Lymer & Scheidt's Volney Chardonnay JW
Best Dog Puppy: Boyd's Drumhaye Celebrity
Best Bitch Puppy: Mancey's Estrid Clementine
Judge Mrs L A Hill (Becanna)
1. Minor Puppy DogEntry7, 3a
1stBoyd's Drumhaye Celebrity
2ndTarabad's Khatabi Juan for the Road
3rdNorth & Box's Eikandi's Raven Rocket with Jalesto
ReserveBrewer & Moody's Bowfort Tomkin
2. Puppy DogEntry6, 4a
1stNorth & Box's Jalesto I Was Born to Love You
2ndFirth's Anberan Hot Brambleberry at Firnick
3. Junior DogEntry6, 1a
1stKnight's Carolus Tommy Atkins JW
2ndBiggs' Kellorian Head Over Heels JW
3rdVella's Cinderlace Cromwell
ReserveHedger's Arnie Adorable at Alrewic
VHCBayliss' Castlewytch Bux Fiz
4. Maiden DogEntry2, 0a
1stTarabad's Jax the Lad at Khatabi
2ndHedger's Arnie Adorable at Alrewic
5. Novice DogEntry6, 2a
1stGodwin's Cavaleigh Ellis
2ndHedger's Arnie Adorable at Alrewic
3rdFirth's Toshini Georgio at Firnick
ReserveWeston & Johnson's Granasil Winter Magic of Ecotyne
6. Special Post Graduate Blen/Tri DogEntry7, 3a
1stLymer & Scheidt's Lymrey Hi Performance
2ndBiggs' Kellorian Head Over Heels JW
3rdHawes' Kersmere Rhapsody
ReserveTarlton's Tomnil Phantom Cream
7. Special Post Graduate B&T/Ruby DogEntry5, 2a
1stAllerton & Brewer's Bowfort Rouge avec Deeriem
2ndNorth & Box's Jalesto Now I'm Here
3rdHughes' Moonvale Apache by Shenlyn
8. Limit DogEntry5, 3a
1stBiggs' Korolevsky Faberge Kellorian JW
2ndTarlton's Tomnil Flashback to Cream
9. Open DogEntry7, 2a
1stGodwin's Cavaleigh Christian
2ndWaller's Castlewytch Arizona avec Jinjan
3rdTarabad's Khatabi Eamon High JW
ReserveHedger's Khatabi Tiger Tim at Alrewic ShCM
VHCHughes' Moonvale Apache by Shenlyn
10. Veteran Dog or BitchEntry8, 2a
1stBiggs' Camahieu Marquise of Kellorian ShCM
2ndFlower's Anberan Iced Cappuccino
3rdTurner's Shalot Morgan le Fay
ReserveUnderwood's Vanmarlen Cherry Blossom for Neddaow
VHCBrewer & Moody's Sultair the Sea Baron at Bowfort
11. Minor Puppy BitchEntry9, 3a
1stPipkin's Ryanmil Salut d'Amor
2ndVella's Cinderlace Scarlet
3rdBailey's Toyswood Autumnflame at Aldoricka 'taf'
ReserveBrewer & Moody's Bowfort Miss America
VHCHawes Kersmere Lilly
12. Puppy BitchEntry5, 1a
1stMancey's Estrid Clementine
2ndLymer & Scheidt's Lymrey Hi Style
3rdFlower's Anberan Berrytini
ReserveTarabad's Ronmal Barbara Black Sheep at Khatabi
13. Junior BitchEntry12, 4a
1stBailey's Alberica Cocoricca at Aldorica
2ndPipkin's Harana Fonteyn for Ryanmil
3rdGodwin's Cavaleigh Heaven Sent
ReserveBayliss' Castlewytch in Dreams
VHCArmitt's Castlewytch Red Red Wine
14. Maiden BitchEntry8, 1a
1stWood's Shandeen Simply Special
2ndWeston & Johnson's Granasil Trojan Fire at Ecotyne
3rdTarlton's Droleus That's M'Susii Q for Tomnil
ReserveO'Connor's Abercree Jasmine
VHCBailey's Toyswood Autumnflame at Aldoricka 'taf'
15. Novice BitchEntry9, 5a
1stLewis' Daraste Amazing Grace
2ndKnight's Carolus Little Madam
3rdRichens' Kersmere Bluebell at Emarik
ReserveUnderwood's Charterwood Delightful for Neddaow
16. Special Post Graduate Blen/Tri BitchEntry11, 2a
1stLewis' Daraste Bethany
2ndWood's Shandeen Simply Special
3rdMancey's Tomnil Matinee Cream at Estrid
ReserveLeach's Ouzlewell Lady Charlotte
VHCO'Connor's Abercree Lucetta
17. Special Post Graduate B&T/RubyEntry12, 4a
1stFlower's Anberan Tazo Berry
2ndNorth & Box's Jalesto Don't Stop Me Now
3rdBayliss' Brasingamen Ice Mountain for Castlewytch
ReserveArmitt's Brasingamen Out For a Stroll
VHCBailey's Alberica Cocoricca at Aldorica
18. Limit BitchEntry7, 2a
1stLymer & Scheidt's Volney Chardonnay JW
2ndFlower's Anberan Ginger Truffle
3rdLeach's Ouzlewell Lady Charlotte
ReserveO'Connor's Abercree Dusky Maiden
VHCWebster's Edonhill Chrystal Star
19. Open BitchEntry4, 1a
1stArmitt's Brasingamen Margot Fonteyn
2ndUnderwood's Starlight Express
3rdO'Connor's Abercree Charlotte
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