ROYAL NORFOLK SHOW, Norfolk & Norwich Canine Society 2 Day Premier Open Show, Thursday 26th June, 2008

: Knight's Carolus Little Madam J.W. : Tarabad's Khatibi Juan for the Road (Puppy Group 1 & Res BPIS 2nd Day)
Best Opposite Sex: Miller's Nottus Need a Hero J.W.
Reserve Best Of Breed: Miller's Nottus Need a Hero J.W.
Best Dog Puppy: Tarabad's Khatibi Juan for the Road
Best Bitch Puppy: Palmer-Manson's Celtic Spellbound (naf)
Judge Miss Beverley Costello (Beauella)
Puppy DogEntry5, 1a
1stTarabad's Khatibi Juan for the Road
2ndSkinner's Rahmzi Augustus
3rdFisk's Rebhann Chevalier Noir
ReserveTarabad's Clockpelters Crown Jules for Khatibi
Yearling DogEntry3, 1a
1stKnight's Carolus Tommy Atkins J.W.
2ndPeck's Valanroy Limited Edition
Post Graduate DogEntry3, 0a
1stFisk's Rebhann Bo-Diddley
2ndPeck's Valanroy Riopresario
3rdPeck's Valanroy Mahogany
Open DogEntry5, 1a
1stMiller's Nottus Need a Hero J.W.
2ndTarabad's Khatibi Eamon High J.W.
3rdBiddle's Hearthfriend Haute Couture
ReservePeck's Valanroy Visa Versa
Puppy BitchEntry5, 2a
1stPalmer-Manson's Celtic Spellbound (naf)
2ndDarley's Khatibi Maddy in Love with Kaidee
3rdPeck's Valanroy Solar Eclipse
Yearling BitchEntry7, 1a
1stKnight's Carolus Little Madam J.W.
2ndNewman's Aranel Emma
3rdFisher's Kaytim Winter Spice
ReserveEtheridge's Lady Lucas Diddlidors
VHCAsltey's Heartfriend Havoc 'n' Magic
Post Graduate BitchEntry11, 4a
1stVout's Touvas Sunsilk
2ndFisher's Kaytim Ginger Spice
3rdAbbott's Norcroft Megan's Sweet Dream
ReserveSkinner's Khatibi Anna Prentice for Rahmzi
VHCWimberley's Carsan Star Stuck Serenade
Open BitchEntry13, 4a
1stKnight's Little Miss at Carolus
2ndMiller's Nottus Daughter of Darkness
3rdPeck's Valanroy Eternal Flame
ReserveVout's Touvas Magic Charm
VHCDawson's Willowtump Athelas at Luphenex
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