Coventry and District Kennel Association 20 May 2007

Tomnil Cream of the Stars at Droleus Jw Group 2 Daraste Amazing Grace Group 1
Best Opposite Sex
Reserve Best Of BreedWightisle Moonbeam Between Droleus
Judge Brenda Turnbull (Peakdowns)
Puppy DogEntry9
1stRahmzi Chic to Chic with Khatibi NAF TAF
2ndBowfort Rouge Avec Deeriem
3rdWhimal Monte Carlo
ReserveCamahieu King Creole with Tabersome
VHCEcotyne Time and Time Again
Junior DogEntry6
1stTomnil Cream of the Stars At Droleus
2ndDeeriem Dandi Man
3rdKersmere Chaos
ReserveKorraines Buckeye Boy
VHCShandeenSong of Solomon
Yearling DogEntry4
1stKersmere Rhapsody
2ndEdonhill Blaze Away JW
3rdMiletree Time To Dream
ReserveOliver Sudden with Tabersome
Post Graduate DogEntry9
1stCazarrah Tennyson for Deeriem
2ndKorolevsky Faberge Kellorian JW
3rdJalesto Now I'm Here
ReserveBeewye Millies Red Robin
VHCNeddaow Starlight Legacy
Open DogEntry13
1stKhatibi Tiger Tim at Alrewic
2ndDeranmar Merryon at Edonhill
3rdTomnil Flashback to Cream
ReserveLymrey Hi Jack at Narvidar
VHCKellorian Poetry in Motion ShCM
Puppy BitchEntry12
1stDaraste Amazing Grace
2ndDaraste Bethany
3rdTomnil Cream Dream
ReserveJalesto Bohemian Rhapsody
VHCWhimal Treasure Island
Junior BitchEntry14
1stTomnil Matinee Cream at Estrid
2ndLanola Move Darling
3rdTomnil Creme Evita with Daraste
ReserveBraymill Georgia O'Keefe
VHCScotlass Hermosa
Yearling BitchEntry10
1stLanola Move Darling
2ndVallender Marley
3rdDroleus Sheez Just Cruuzin at Tillymist
ReserveGlynco Candy Girl
VHCQuendale Dolly Dimples for Shiregrove
Post Graduate BitchEntry10
1stRosemonde Shuai
2ndLanola Move Darling
3rdCharterwood Delightful for Neddaow
ReserveAnberan Ginger Truffle
VHCJalesto Dont Stop Me Now
Open BitchEntry9
1stWightisle Moonbeam Between Droleus
2ndLanola Serafina
3rdShalot Lady Bethan
ReserveWightisle Rag Doll For Tomnil
VHCCamahieu Marquise of Kellorian ShCM
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