Oswestry and DKA 15th March 2009

Loranka's Show Off Loranka's Touch of Heaven
Best Opposite Sex Beauella Nine To Five at Lyndabelle
Reserve Best Of BreedBeauella Nine To Five at Lyndabelle
Best Dog PuppyDunadrob Joshua
Best Bitch PuppyLoranka's Touch of Heaven
Judge Miss Leila Tarabad (Khatibi)
Puppy DogEntry4
1stDunadrob Joshua
2ndLoranka's Like A Star
3rdKadoogels Kinda Magic
ReserveTingewood Red Oktober
Junior DogEntry2
1stNarayden Marsell
2ndLoranka's Gabriel
Post Graduate DogEntry7,2
1stLoranka's Show Off
2ndNarayden Marsell
3rdCraigowl Boss
ReserveLoranka's Gabriel
VHCParkwall Marley
Open DogEntry7,1
1stBevelmount Barricello With Dunadrob
2ndLadash Bramble
3rdMalanis Mystic Moment For Tingewood
ReserveNarayden Kind Of Magic
VHCTigridias M'Lord Campbell
Puppy BitchEntry3
1stLoranka's Touch Of Heaven
2ndDunadrob Confident Lady
3rdSalegreen Cussan
Junior BitchEntry6,2
1stLoranka's Sherrie Baby
2ndNarayden Rosie Red
3rdLoranka's Touch Of Heaven
ReserveStonepit Sing The Blues
Post Graduate BitchEntry7,2
1stLoranka's Sherrie Baby
2ndDunadrob May Be This Time
3rdSpindlepoint Grace Kelly For Tigridias
ReserveKenmilfore Gem At Trehys
VHCParkwall Columbia
Open BitchEntry6,1
1stBeauella Nine To Five At Lyndabelle
2ndLoranka's Sherrie Baby
3rdBrasingamen Rough Quest To Tingewood
ReserveTigridias Atlanta
VHCKenmilfore Gem At Trehys
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