Eastern Counties Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Society


Sun 11th October 2009

Judge : Mr R Waddington (Spindlepoint)

Best in Show

BIS + BPIS~ Miletree Constellation

Reserve BIS ~ Leogem Marcello

Best Puppy in Show

BOS ~ Aldachell Sophisticated

Best Veteran in Show

Best Veteran ~ Nottus Hooray Henry

Miletree Constellation
Leogem Marcello
Aldachell Sophisticated
Miletree Constellation
Nottus Hooray Henry

Veteran Dog

Veteran Bitch


1. Nottus Hooray Henry
2. Jinjan Jumpin Jack Flash
3. Lochnuie Caught On Camera
4. Shenlyn February Focus for Myhope
5. Triple Dash of Charlottetown

1. Cloudywings Celtic Cherish


Minor Puppy Dog

Minor Puppy Bitch


1. Pascavale Donovan
2. Narayden Midnight Magic at Simpatico
3. Finjaro Back to Black
4. Toyswood Seabiscuit
5. Narayden Dark Shadow of Narvidar

1. Ellemich Cocochanel
2. Beaudale Bye Bye Lullaby
3. Triodan Tizzy at Aristor
4. Rahmzis Billie Jean

Puppy Dog

Puppy Bitch


1. Miletree Constellation
2. Tasset Billy Idol
3. Trishine Timothy
4. Stanhome Sinatra Among Simpatico
5. Toyswood Seabiscuit

1. Ellemich Aurora
2. Lochbuie Eventually
3. Honeybet Hot N Sassy
4. Margareith Little Damsel
5. Pandoras Little Box Avec Rebhann

Junior Dog

Junior Bitch


1. Tebatia Bounce
2. Tashmit Sweetserve
3. Misty Time

1. Jalestos One Vision
2. Sandusk Chardonnay
3. Miletree Crystall
4. Castlewych Martel
5. Misty Memories

Novice Dog

Novice Bitch


1. Leogem Marcello
2. Pascavale Bailey
3. Wandris Comedian at Airlie
4. Beaudale Turnaround
5. Tebatia Mr Frost

1. Clopsville Irish Cream
2. Leogem Musetta
3. Margareith Mika
4. Jalesto The Show Must Go On
5. Sibonja Roxanna Rosirius

Graduate Dog

Graduate Bitch


1. Rahmzi Augustus

1. Sandusk Chardonnay
2. Deeriem Grecian Star
3. Castlewych Mystique
4. Cloudywing Celtic Tiger
5. Aranel Emma

Post Graduate Dog

Post Graduate Bitch


1. Charlottetown Pieter

1. Millhill La Dette
2. Carsan Star Struck Serenade
3. Pennygown Am I Bovvered
4. Tebatia Little Miss Muffet


Sp Limit Blenheim or Tri Dog

Sp Limit Blenheim or Tri Bitch

1. Pennygown Suit You Sir
2. Nottus Need A Hero
3. Rahmzi Augustus
4. Misty Time

1. Clopsville Camarillo
2. Keyingham Little Gem at Margareith
3. Aranel Emma
4. Carsan Star Struck Serenade
5. Carolus Little Madam Via Pauroi
Sp Limit Black+Tan or Ruby Dog Sp Limit Black+Tan or Ruby Bitch
1. Beaudale Fields Of Gold
2. Tebatia Mr Bounce
3. Jalesto I Was Born To Love You
4. Tebatia Mr Frost
1. Rebhann Forget-Me-Not
2. Toyswood Black Magic
3. Tebatia Little Miss Muffet
4. Rosscrea Gabrielle With Jalesto
5. Sibonja Roxanna Rosirius

Open Dog

Open Bitch

1. Campanards Tribute to Sorata

1. Willowtump Athelas at Luphenex
2. Baray Summer Rose


Sp Open bred by Exhibitor Dog

Sp Open bred by Exhibitor Bitch

1. Aldachell Rhidian
2. Tebatia Mr Bashful
3. Rahmzi Augustus

1. Aldachell Sophisiticated
2. Pascavale Scarlette
3. Cranvarl Spring Blossom
4. Pennygown Starstruck
5. Toyswood Black Magic

Best Dog ~ Miletree Constellation
Reserve Best Dog ~ Leogem Marcello
Dog Puppy ~ Miletree Constellation
Best Bitch ~ Aldachell Sophisiticated
Reserve Best Bitch ~ Pascavale Scarlette
Bitch Puppy ~ Ellemich Cocochanel