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  1. Help - Problems with male visitors!

    Help please !
    Over the last few months, Basil (3.5 years, not castrated) has started barking at any male visitors to the house that he doesn't know. He will go to greet them and when they put a hand out or lean to say hello, he barks in a bit of an intimidating way. We have started either putting him in the other room when people call or holding him close. Last night someone called quite late to collect my daughter's friend. Basil was being held by my son and when the visitor put a hand out ...
  2. Basil and Pumpkin

    This is Basil checking that all is well with his "Blenheim" guinea pig, Pumpkin !
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  3. Vaccine Reaction

    Thank you to all who have contacted me about Nobivac Lepto 2 Vaccine reaction both on the Forum and privately.
    I am grateful for all the info received some of which was new to me. I have now passed it on to my Vet.
    It was the first time I have used the Forum for myself but regularly read it . If I need help again I know where to come!!.
    Thank You
  4. Itchy dogs

    Quote Originally Posted by Max and Toby Mom View Post
    Has anybody got any ideas how to help an itchy dog? Max had a skin infection last year, he was intensely itchy and had some hair loss. The vet was not really sure what was causing it. She treated him with advocate just in case it was sarcoptic mange but said it could have been an allergy . The scratching stopped for a while and the hair soon grew back but he still has bouts of 'itchiness' especially when hot. I have treated him with frontline spot on for fleas so I don't think that's the problem
  5. ExLibris

    It was a wonderful time when people pasted into books ExLibris (bookplates).
    Today you buy most books in paperback form. Previously was books
    beautiful not only for its content but also because they were well printed and bound.
    It's a shame that today we see books as consumer goods...

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