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    by Published on 09-22-2010 08:08 PM

    Welcome to Cavalier Chat, this is an online community for those interested in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel toy dog. Whilst based in the UK we have online members from all over the world, some with decades of experience and some who have just got their first dog.

    Please browse around as a Guest and when you feel comfortable register as a member. Due to spam applications we do sometimes miss genuine requests to join, so if you are refused send a private email asking for a review.

    There is a good mix of experienced Breeders as well as people with their first family pet so don't feel afraid to ask your questions and join in the discussions.

    Whilst you first few posts will be moderated, we run an unmoderated community but the four Administrators will keep an eye on things - so please don't misbehave.


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    Hello from Nottinghamshire

    Just tooooo cute!

    Itsonlyme 02-25-2018, 05:17 PM Go to last post

    Hello from Nottinghamshire

    Hi all. A week in hes settling in really well. We can't believe how special this little boy is. Name change in collection day to Dexter. Upto now no problems

    Steveh 02-25-2018, 10:06 AM Go to last post


    Interesting: the French club has not yet made testing for DE/CC or EF a requirement, and the Société Centrale Canine doesn't include it in the information

    Janelise 02-22-2018, 11:29 AM Go to last post


    I really agree Mark, and as CC/DE and EF tests are automatically put up on the KC website, it astonishes me how many "big name" kennels are

    Dorothy 02-22-2018, 04:19 AM Go to last post

    Hello from Nottinghamshire

    I'm sure you won't have time (or maybe won't even be allowed the time ) to reply today, but we're all looking forward to lots of info and photos!

    Dorothy 02-22-2018, 04:11 AM Go to last post

    Hello from Nottinghamshire

    Ooh... Puppy coming home today??? Fabulous... Stephanie - I would expect at least a 10 on the excitement scales..

    Hope all is going well

    julieb7 02-21-2018, 08:12 PM Go to last post