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  1. Sorry Mark, I've lost your e-mail address but thought you might be interested in another companion dog show this Sunday 4th July at Shave Cross, Dorset.
    I don't have any more details at the mo I'm afraid. Chris was approached to judge it about 3 months ago and when we heard nothing further completely forgot about it. It was only when Mary phoned yesterday and said 'See you Sunday' we found out it was going ahead! The organiser contacted us last night and we've requested a copy of the schedules and details of where it is. Heaven knows what it's going to be like, pretty chaotic judging by the lack of communication so far! Anyway, if and when we get further details I'll let you know.
    PS Thanks for Cerne Abbas show details for Saturday but we probably won't be going now. I can't really ask our daughter to dog and puppy sit for two days on the trot.
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