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  1. Thanks Mark, but it wasn't my achievements but my beautiful boys! It was such a fantastic day. I met loads of people from the forum and loads and loads of lovely cavaliers. Sorry your weather was so awful and you didn't get to your show - see you should have come to sunny Blenheim! I have a confession to make...I forgot to get your car stickers off Ellie. I'm really sorry but to be honest she was buzzing round showing in the cavs v charlies and organising loads of stuff for the show that I don't think she had moment to herself. As a penance I will get her to send them to me and I'll bring them down in October so I'll get the postage! I quite fancy one myself anyway. Thanks for your congatulations, I'll pass them onto the boys!
    Tracey x
  2. Well done for your acheivements at Blenheim
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