Help - Problems with male visitors!

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Help please !
Over the last few months, Basil (3.5 years, not castrated) has started barking at any male visitors to the house that he doesn't know. He will go to greet them and when they put a hand out or lean to say hello, he barks in a bit of an intimidating way. We have started either putting him in the other room when people call or holding him close. Last night someone called quite late to collect my daughter's friend. Basil was being held by my son and when the visitor put a hand out for him to sniff, he made a snapping gesture. I really don't know what to do. I immediately chastised him and should probably have put him out if the room but I was too busy apologising to think straight! He was well socialised as a pup, is very loving, lots of energy and greets family life full on so I am sure no health or pain issues. He isn't great when he meets other male dogs if he is on the lead, but ok if I let him off. Loves girls though! The only thing that has been different in the last 12 months is that we have had family illness so more of the family have been at home and he isn't left alone much. I suppose as well there has been more visitors to and fro and we have been stressed cause of the illness. I have owned cavaliers in ones or twos for the last 40 years so know this behaviour is very "uncavalier"! Any advice would be welcome.
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