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Thread: Welcome New Members

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    Default Welcome New Members

    Please take a little time to introduce yourself and tell us a little about you and of course your Cavaliers. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I am sure there will be someone here that will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have, or point you in the right direction. We hope you will enjoy this open forum and will become an active member. Please feel free to start new threads
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    Default In the beginning

    Hi Everyone,

    what a wonderful idea Steve and Sandra to set up a genuine forum where everyone can speak freely.

    For those who don't know me, I retired from the hectic world of education almost 5 years ago, after what seemed to be a lifetime with children.

    I have owned, bred and exhibited Cavaliers since 1975 and King Charles Spaniels since 1983. I love both breeds dearly and realise the importance of doing all that I can to ensure my dogs, bitches and their progeny are as healthy as possible.

    A couple of years ago I moved to a small village out in the country in Co. Durham. Life now is very leisurely, my dogs have freedom to run and enjoy the garden, whilst I have learned the difference between pruning a buddleia bush and a Zepherine Drouhin rose.


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    Smile Thanks

    Hi Everyone

    We really have to give our thanks to Linda Flynn for this site. It was her idea originally and we wanted somewhere that we could talk openly. We may all have differing views which can be expressed freely here without the vitriol that we are subjected to on other sites. Enjoy!!

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    Hi All, Let's hope this site stays free of all the acid comments going around at present, some of the other forums have become very nasty and can only have a negative effect, I for one will not revisit!
    I am Andy Vella, I have had cavaliers since 1994, a mere novice compared to some on this list, which Tracey and I show under the Cinderlace affix. We also have a charlie and japanese chin, all wonderful dogs in different ways.
    Our aim has always been to breed healthy, fit & beautiful dogs, and we will continue to try and acheive this

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    I thought it only fair to add a few details about myself. I am a strange constant foreigner - I am British raised in Austria and living in Germany. My family historically bred Springer & Cocker spaniels in Austria many moons ago. About 5 years ago I acquired my first cavalier - I have been showing for 3 years and resisted the temptation to breed for 4 years having my first litter this year (prefix Hazelhope's). I have very few dogs ( 2 girls and a part owned boy). My childhood dream has always been to own a ruby king charles - but I still have not found one - some dreams may take a long time to come true, and I still have a few years left in me (being thirtyish) to let that one come true.

    I you can see I have very little experience - but I do everything I can to help my colleagues, be it translations, writing foreign correspondence or helping in other ways. I am amongst a small group of german breeders who have recently opened a german cavalier forum - the goal to be to draw the poublic who have an interest in cavaliers away from the puppy farmers and to provide a platform where german breeders can work together - regardless of which official german cavalier club they are a member of (in Germany there are 3). this was sorely needed as there are many different views on how to handle different issues - and some issues affect breeders and should be solved by breeders.

    best regards,

    Katherine Rummery

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    Monteba Guest



    My name is Vicki Bourke I have owned Cavaliers for 23 years though have only been breeding for 8 yrs I have been showing for 10 which I thoroughly enjoy
    I run a cavalier email list also which I enjoy
    I have 8 children though some aren't little anymore lol they range from 24 down to 5
    I think the forum is a brilliant idea

    Forgot to add I am in Australia

    Vicki Bourke

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    Default Hi everyone ;o)

    [QUOTE=Linda Flynn;20]Welcome to new members. Please take a little time to introduce yourself and tell us a little about you and of course your Cavaliers.

    Hi everyone, and thank you Linda for giving us a special 'room' to chat in. I already know some of you who beat me through the door, but for those who I haven't met yet I'm Veronica, home is in the UK, and my Affix is Telvara .... I've lived with, shown and been besotted by this breed for 31 years, and like others here I also judge at Internationally, and belong to a CKCS Club Committee. I hope to visit here in my spare time, and catch up with all the news and views.
    Take care,

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    Well I suppose I had better join in VBG. Cavaliers joined our family in 1975 we had Dallies for a number of years before. We went to buy one for my two older children and came home with two - a litter brother and sister and the rest is history! As most of you know for my sins I have been CKCS Club secretary since 1999 somehow or other I can't seem to be able to peruade anyone to take the job off me - but one of these days.....!!

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    Sheena Guest

    Talking Hi

    "Welcome to new members. Please take a little time to introduce yourself and tell us a little about you and of course your Cavaliers."

    Morning all ... thank you for the invitation. I'm more than happy to be here. I bought my first Cavalier about 18 years ago - saw a sign at the side of the road saying Cavalier puppies for sale. Sigh. So I named her Impulsia and loved her dearly, even though she had one white eye and ticking to die for, together with a very bad heart. She developed a tumour in her throat which couldn't be operated on because her heart was so bad ... lived until just over seven. But for good or ill she changed my life - I moved to a small hovel in Devon with half an overgrown acre, bred my first litter (not, I hasten to add, from Pulse) and have been doomed ever since ...

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    Smile Hi everyone!

    Good afternoon everyone!

    I live in Limavady, Northern Ireland, home of the beautiful Roe Valley Country Park and close to the long, white beaches of Benone and Downhill on the North coast. I fell in love with this gorgeous breed around 17 years ago at which time I got my first cavalier, a ruby boy. My current family extends to 5 girls who are all very much part of the family in that they live in the lap of luxury in the house and by night retire to a velour, padded window seat in the bedroom. I am completely besotted with my 4 footed daughters, occasionally show and am cup secretary of the NICKCSC. Sadly I am unable to devote the time required to breed myself and am therefore indebted to those who have allowed me to have my lovely girls. I am an avid collector of all things cavalier and spend endless hours scouring the "wide web wonderful" for additions to the ever expanding collection!!

    Kind regards

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