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    Smile Sandra C Singleton/'Celxo'

    Hello Everyone.Thank you everyone who has contributed to makeing somewhere for all cavalier king charles enthusiasts to spend some time together.I hope that before anyone decides to put some comment about another person on this site , thinks about if it will be upsetting or hurtfull before doing so!My mum used to always say,if you carnt say something nice don't say anything at all.So lets all please be kind to one another.That said i think most of you know me,I have Had cavaliers for over 30 years,in the begining i used to show my dogs as a family day out ,Kerry my eldest Daughter and Tammy my youngest daughter used to show Together kerry had 'Toby' Now 15 YEARS OLD .And Tammy Celxo Royal Prince William. And I had Celxo Royal Prince Harry.And we had a great family time showing together,I am of late Alone in my hobbie as the girls have other interests and family's But i do enjoy getting away with my dogs,Win Or Loose i dont care just enjoy the time spent with them,And the nice friends i meet and greet there.I also am now Judgeing at 'B' list level and Enjoyoing things from another Angle I am now Looking forward to learning more and trying my best to do well.
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    Hi All,

    Here's my twopennith!!! Had my first cavalier in 1971 at age 14 and have been besotted by the breed ever since. Bred one litter in the 70's, registered under the Affix "Bellfield", then was just a cavalier owner until the early 80's when I took an interest in breeding and showing. Since then, I've shown and bred under the Affix Millhill. I award CC's in the breed and have judged in several foreign countries. I live in Northamptonshire with about 14 cavaliers, the oldes of which is now only 7 1/2 (a castrated male, the last son of my favourite baby boy - Le Monde). I've been involved in about every aspect of cavalierdom and my passion for the breed has never dwindled. Hope to have some interesting and lively discussions on the forum.

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    I joined today and I look forward to reading post from the many people that have years of experience in Cavaliers to share with us all. I have only had Cavaliers for 13 years and I feel there are still so many things to learn. Big thanks to the people that put this together.

    Jean Yokley, Ladybrook Cavaliers, Tucson, Arizona USA.

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    Hi everyone I have owned Cavaliers as pets since 1986 never having had the courage to show them.... at the moment I have two both male a blenhiem and a tri colour next Tuesday I pick up my new puppy ..............a ruby (also male)so as you can imagine I am very excited and counting the days I live in rural Suffolk with lots of fields for walks on the doorstep I am very new to computers and so have only recently started to join groups/chat

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    Thanks to everyone concerned for setting up this chance to talk about Cavaliers.

    I'm Elaine & together with my husband Ray, we show & breed Cavaliers under the Spindlepoint affix.

    Treacle, a black & tan, came to live with us in 1986 and as everybody knows you can't just own 1 Cavalier, there has to be at least 2 or more. Heidi, a blenheim joined us in 1989 and since then we have been hooked.


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    Hi there! Hope you don't mind a "newbie" here. I have two Cavaliers, a 4-year old Blenheim boy named Oliver and a 2- year old Tri bitch named Rosalita (I co-own her with Pat Lander). I am going to be showing her for the first time next week and am nervous and excited at the same time.

    I am also fostering an 8-year old Tri (she was found wandering and her owners were never located so she was turned in to Rescue) named Hannah who has a Grade 4 murmur/ MVD. She is a sweetheart and it has been a real learning process for me between her heart and severe allergies. The cardiologist has started her on Enalapril. I have had her for 6 weeks now and it seems like she is getting spunkier by the day now that she is getting good care!

    I look forward to learning from all of you!
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    Hi Linda and All,
    I wish the site all the very best I am sure it will be a great help to our Cavaliers and for the lover of the Cavalier.
    I have been in Cavaliers for over 25 years I have retired from breeding but show my 12 month old boy occassionaly when my health permits.
    For those who don't know me check out my old web site and my little one with my 3 Cavaliers I have now.
    Oh yes I am in Australia but originally from the UK<g>

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    My name is Jan and I live in Huntly, which is on the North Island of New Zealand. I emigrated here in 2002 from UK and brought with me 3 CKCS, steadily my family has grown over the past 6 years. I have imported 2 bitches from UK and a dog from Australia and at present own 9 Cavaliers. I have owned Cavaliers for 13+ years, been showing for 11 years and bred my first litter 4 years ago. I also have a couple of mini horses and some sheep.

    Jan Eatock
    Darilance Cavaliers

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    I'm Moira, I live with my husband David and two cavaliers Danny and Toby in West Yorkshire. I have had cavaliers for 8 years and have been showing for 3 years. I recently acquired an Affix - Davimoir, which I obviously hope you will get to know if we do well in the cards. VBG I would love to start breeding, but I have a lot of reading and talking to do first.

    Best wishes

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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm so happy to see another forum for the discussion of our beloved Cavaliers. I've loved and been devoted to the breed for 11 years. My wish in life is for beautiful, healthy Cavaliers to be available forever.

    Charlotte Sims
    Richmond, VA

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