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    Red face Hello


    My name is Julie Schofield and I currently have two Cavaliers. One is Kurli (Blenheim)who belongs to My daughter and lives with me part time the other is Mickey (Black n Tan) who is my second rescue. I lost Monty my first rescue on the 27th oct 2007 to diabeties. Kurli currently has a mild heart condition and is on tablets, Mickey is a very healthy little cavalier
    I am also the owner of a little mixed breed called Ziggy.
    I am looking forward to chatting and learning.

    Julie Schofield (Australia)

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    Thumbs up Yeah!

    HI ,

    My name is Barbara Bond. I am a retired teacher. I live in beautiful Thunder Bay, Ontario , Canada. We have only lived here for three years . Before that we lived in a little town of 1300 people in the midst of the vast terrain of lakes, rocks, and forests. Prior to the Cavaliers we had shown and bred Goldens. Cavaliers came into our lives during the winding down phase of the Goldens. My daughter bought one to have a dog wih her at university. We fell in love with Tango. We got another and another and so on. I have nine at home ranging in ages from 10 down to 19 months. My daughter also has three in her home. Like many here I am totally besotted with this breed.

    I also teach a puppy class at a local training center and I am currently working towards a CDX with my tri boy Chevy. His dad also got his rally novice title at age 9 1/2.

    The dogs keep me busy but I also squeeze in time to draw and paint.

    Thank you for starting this forum.

    Barbara B

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    Default Hello

    I'm Vanessa, I live in rural Nottinghamshire, have owned Cavaliers for around 18 years, but don't have any at present having lost my last two homebred Blen girls (at 12 years) a few years ago. Currently owned by some elderly Affenpinschers and a couple of Australian Terriers. I enjoy showing my dogs (under the Petitpaws affix) and going caravanning and walking with them, but much loved and thoroughly spoilt pets first and foremost.

    Cavaliers are still one of my favourite breeds and I like to keep in touch with what's going on in the cavalier world and if the right one came along.....

    Could I ask a daft question, how did I manage to set my user name up as my email? I couldn't see on the FAQ how to change it to Vanessa ( which is what I thought I had done in the first place!)


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    Default introduction from new member

    Hello everyone,
    How lovely to have a new forum, and many thanks for the invitation to join. I'm Jane Naylor, and bought my very first "Own Dog", a black and tan Cavalier bitch, in 1978. I was persuaded by the owner of Madam's father to breed from her, and she produced a pretty little bitch who did well at her first few shows and got me hooked. I registered the affix Jasenil in the UK. Madam lived to 15 1/2, which I then thought relatively normal. I'm a low volume breeder, but strive to produce the best I can and am a "reccomandé" breeder with the French Cavalier and King Charles Spaniel club. Like many others who have spent a long time with this charming breed, I know a lot less now than when I started. My husband Tom is retired, and for the last eleven years we have lived in a rural hamlet roughly midway between Bordeaux and Périgueux. I had to change my affix after moving to France; it is now "Du Nid du Faisan". We currently have eight wholecolour Cavaliers (three of them veterans), a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a ginger and white cat, a 16 hand bay mare and a 12 hand bay gelding whose mother is a Shetland Pony and whose father a Thoroughbred.

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    Hi Vanessa,

    Welcome to the forum........ Your user name has been changed

    Linjato CKCS & Japanese Chins

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    I have had Cavaliers for about 25 years now and am absolutely besotted with the breed. Our first was a pet who we eventually bred from, then on rearing my first puppy I was doomed forever . A little after the pup was born I went to have a look at a show (Stithians, Cornwall), saw my first tricolour there and fell deeply in love, acquiring my first tri boy (the infamous Angus) a few weeks later. He lived to 16 yrs 10 mths and had many show successes.

    I too am interested in veterans; Angus' soul-mate, Emma, lived to 15 yrs after they had 4 litters together. They produced lovely puppies, one of whom was the infamous Easter who won 9 toy veteran groups and 1 best veteran in show at 13 1/2. Anno Domini caught up with her when she was nearly 15 and started to come apart at the seams. Broken heartedly I had to pull the plug a month after her 15th birthday, but at least I could select the ultimate act of kindness to thank her for all those years of fun, love and devotion we shared.

    Nowadays I have 4 Cavaliers, Rebel is a tri boy of almost 6, Winston Alexander is another tri and by one of Sandrac's (Sandie's) boys, Little Joe is a nice Blenheim,15 months and by Sandie's Edward, Bubbles (22 mths) is another tri, by Underknoll Muscatell at Faulklea.

    Bubbles, Little Joe and Winston Alexander have all recently had clear SM scans, although I realise their only value at present is to say that at the time of testing they were clear

    All my dogs, so far, test clear of mvd and inheritable eye defect.

    I am taking Bubbles to a similarly health tested dog in East Anglia when she comes into season next Spring and hope for a nice healthy tri for the show ring.

    Thank you for starting this group - I have wondered why I haven't seen much from you on the L List lately, where I am a persistent lurker, hoping to learn more about showing and breeding. I am glad there is to be no flaming or intolerance on this List and look forward to being part of it.

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    Hello All

    I recognise quite a few of the names on here! Hi, Janet, Jan (Darilance), Flo, Lorraine (We met at Bournemouth), Linda (thanks for the invitation to join)...

    A bit about me.. well I live near a small village in Lincolnshire with 6 ponies, 3 cats, 9 Cavaliers (aged from 18 months to 9 years), an elderly rescued Belgian Shpeherd (Kai) and a Border Collie (Jake). I started with one rescue Cav called Toby, and, well...... need I say any more?

    The Cavs are:
    Suzi (blenheim), Karly, Rosie, Lottie and Blue (B & T) Barney, Bella and Poppy (ruby) and Donnie (Tri). This encomapsses 3 generations!

    I started showing 'properly' 12 months ago when Suzi became old enough to show at 6 months and became well and truly bitten by the bug!

    I set myself a goal last year at Crufts - when I went as a spectator/helper with my friend and her Shih Tzu - that I would be at 2009 Crufts as an exhibitor... Well we have managed it twice over, qualifying both Suzi and Karly this summer! This year we have been all over the place showing the dogs, including 2 trips to Belfast.

    Karly also does obedience and has been well placed in all her competitions including a 3rd at UK Toy!

    Jake - the BC also does obedience and a bit of agility, but he's really too fast for me to do agility properly, but he too has been placed in obedience.

    I also show and judge British Native ponies.

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    Hi Everyone,

    So good to see so many familiar faces. Won't it be fabulous to have a place to share ideas and not get raked over the coals for having them??? Thank you Linda for having the fortitude to put this list together.

    By way of introduction, I have lived with Cavaliers for 18 years and been breeding for 15, although it seems like a lot longer. I can't imagine having a life without our wonderful dogs. My affix is SevenWoods. I live in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois in the US. I am a member of the CKCSC,USA, CMW, (my regional affiliate of the club), the UK Cavalier club, and am the founder and president of the CKCSC of Greater Chicago, a licensed AKC specialty club. We held our first specialty this year which was a huge thrill. My passion is the wholecolors but I seem to be overflowing with Blenheims at the moment. Don't know how that happened!!!

    Looking forward to many good moments on this list,

    Susan Shidler
    AKC Breeder of Merit
    SevenWoods Cavaliers
    Mettawa, IL USA

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    dphillips Guest

    Default New Member from Arkansas

    Hi to all. I have 2 blenheims. My male is 4 1/2 and runs agility. My girl is 2 and we show conformation with her and she's just started agility. The girl has great blood lines, but I have not been overly successful in conformation. She currently has 4 points toward her AKC Championship. Her strong points are great angles, great proportion and great gait. Her weak points are that she's a little small (11 1/2 inches tall and 14 lbs), and a coat that tends to be "cottony" rather than silky. Any suggestions for shows. I have a major coming up and I would love to put more points on this lovely bitch. Thanks.

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    Smile New members

    Hi, my name is Sue Leach and I show under the affix Ouzlewell. I have six cavalier king charles spaniels - I mainly show my older boy but also have his sister and a few young cavaliers. I own blen, tri and ruby at the moment. I hope to get the younger ones into the ring later this year/early next year. I also show King Charles Spaniels and have a couple of Japanese Chins. I enjoy the showing much more than the breeding at the moment. I seem to spend most of the week looking after dogs - they always seem to get preferential treatment in the bath! and their washing seems to always be on the line - how many dog blankets can we use in a week?

    It will be really useful to use this website to check up on doggy info, ideas and use other people's suggestions for health issues, etc.

    Well done for setting it up.


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