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Thread: How to re-home....not like this.

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    Default How to re-home....not like this.

    ...just so mad

    Preloved should just be struck off, why on earth do they let people advertise their dogs on there for FREE.

    A lovely 1yr old un-neutered Cavalier Blenheim bitch on there this afternoon, FREE, needs to go fast. Manchester, Lancashire area. I have contacted the owner and asked him, for her safety, to hand her into Cavalier Regional Rescue where a secure home can be found for her.

    Words just fail me.


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    Poor little soul, someone will take her and breed from her I suppose, money is so important these days and to hell with the poor bitch.What a world we live in.

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    Alison I so agree with you ,I can't believe how stupid & irresponsible people can be. Young unspayed Bitches are prime targets for the puppy farmers who are known to look for "free to good home" ads. Worse I have actually seen young Bitches advertised as " suitable for breeding" ............. it beggers belief !

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    I think the majority of people have no idea of what could happen to their pet as a result of such advertising.
    Walking foster dogs, people have stopped and chatted about them. When told they've come from a puppy farm I can almost see the picture of green fields/frolicking lambs they are imagining.

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