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Thread: corneal graft

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    So that's when you reply: "just to prove they are not so good as yours" ! - You will get the hang of it Rod! It has taken me 40 years though! Good Luck!

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    So pleased about the eye, Jane, terrific result.

    And oh! the glory of an Allen key!! Rod, you don't know what you're missing ...
    Sheena Stevens

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    Yes! I am delighted; although the healing seemed slow at first it now seems well on track :-)

    IKEA meatballs: never tried them, but Tom used to love them although he wasn’t a fan of the shop itself……... so, yes, Rod, maybe there is a little worry that you might enjoy Ikea’s meatballs better…. And I have never managed to come out empty handed, even if it’s just a new garlic press or a lovely linen tea towel.

    I used to have salmon with dill sauce and we both had a spicy biscuity chocolaty nutty affair for dessert. I went a few times with my neighbour Fréderic and we were in the restaurant once for a special menu for the day that hadn’t interested Tom. He phoned his mother “Mum, guess where I am! Bordeaux, in IKEA, eating Swedish food with Jane!” Clearly she asked a pertinent question as he then said “Oh it’s OK; we’ve already been to Eurasie (the Asian supermarket) and Jane has bought a take-away for Tom's dinner tonight.” Tom and I usually went to the crayfish night in August. I loved it: crayfish, rye bread and some VERY strong alcohol in thimble size glasses, but Tom found crayfish a bit fiddly after a while. Yesterday after passing through the checkout I went to the food bit and bought a nice cinnamon whirl bun, unwhirled it and broke it in small bits that I could eat on the way home. I did give Bijou a bit but she wasn’t very impressed: dogs don’t seem to like cinnamon.

    I had done self assembly furniture before IKEA, but yes, virtually every item has an allen key, so over the years I’ve amassed about 50, but not all the same size. I do get a bit annoyed, though, when the instructions show pictograms of the tools you will need: a Philips or pozidrive screwdriver, a plain screwdriver and a hammer, and then after you’ve checked the size of screwdriver with first pack of screws you open, you find later in the assembly that you need another size of Philips or pozidrive. Yes, I am the sort of person who lays out the tools beforehand and puts the screws and things in little piles in the order I’m going to need them.

    The new house is going to have an interesting (I hope) mix of old to very old solid wood furniture and very modern chipboard, melamine, metal and glass!


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    Thanks for the tip, Elspeth.
    Rod Russell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madam Grump View Post
    ... And oh! the glory of an Allen key!! Rod, you don't know what you're missing ...
    Yes the Allen key -- we call them Allen wrenches -- and I have a full set of all sizes. However, I think I inherited them because most of the time they come included in the box, don't they?
    Rod Russell

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    Nowt wrong wi' a bit o' thrift, our Rod!
    Sheena Stevens

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