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Thread: Clipping a Cavalier

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    Many, many thanks for all your photographs and helpful replies. I'm about to put in a grooming order for "the Stuff" and a stripping stone.Whenever time allows Nutmeg will be having a thorough grooming ( although not too much at a time 'cos she gets bored standing still ) and hopefully she will start to look like a real cavalier and not a fluffy monster.
    Stephanie.....and two little ladies.

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    I apologise for being a nuisance but.....the stripping stone thingy has arrived today and I have no idea how to use it !??

    Is it supposed to be "brushed" over the coat like a zoom groom type brush or do I hold the hair between it and my fingers and 'pull' . The last thing I want to do is hurt her so any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.
    Stephanie.....and two little ladies.

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    I've only ever used a stripping stone on the top of the head, not on the body, so I expect Elspeth will be better able to tell you than I can, but you just hold it in the palm of your hand and take it over the hair, always working in the same direction that the hair grows. So that means that you use the wider part of the block on the hair. If you have a particular spot that's fiddly, you can turn the stone around and use the narrow part, or even a corner.
    Sheena Stevens

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    Sheena has got it exactly right! The flat sides for the body and the edges for stubborn bits. Just do a bit at a time, 'til she gets used to it.
    You will be surprised how much fluff it removes - I always cut mine to size so that they sit comfortably in the palm of my hands. A sharp knife does it. You will soon become expert!
    Good Luck

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