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Thread: Promise in the wars ...

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    Default Promise in the wars ...

    Promise had had a slightly reddened left eye for a couple of days, so I'd upped the use of Viscotears. She wasn't squinting or rubbing it, so I wasn't too concerned. But I was yesterday morning, when she who sleeps with me woke up with a very nasty looking ulcerated eye. Off to the vet, one I hadn't seen before (I swear these days there's more continuity with the Tesco delivery men) to be told there was nothing they could do for her - because it was too deep - apart from pain relief, antibiotic shot and some local anaesthetic with a referral to an ophthalmologist. So off we went down in to the midst of deepest Devon, with me mumbling to myself, losing Satnav satellite all the time and getting lost.

    Extensive examination of a very fed up dog, who didn't move a muscle, bless her. Off goes the underling (although I shouldn't say that, he was just the first port of call, as it were) to fill in the consultant who then comes in and has a look and says the magic words - "It's not as bad as it looks, it's just the swelling that makes it look so deep."

    However, it's being treated aggressively - a drop of plasma every hour, a drop of Exocin every hour (but not at the same time), doxycycline once a day, Viscotears in the other eye three times a day to support it. Anxiety ruling meant I didn't get that much sleep last night! So fingers crossed ...
    Sheena Stevens

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    Oh Sheena, well, you know I've been there and further! I'll keep my fingers crossed: it was almost the opposite with Bijou as the first impression was a shallow ulcer and it was only a more profound examination that revealed the perforation. Anyway, as you know, she is doing fine. She’ll have drops for life, but is so good now! I pick up the tube, say her name and she comes and sits, looking resigned. I was really pleased when friends asked “which eye was it?” Of course to me it’s obvious as that eye does not look quite normal.

    In a month you’ll not exactly have forgotten but you’ll think all those drops were worth it.

    To remind me when to do them I set the alarm on my mobile phone


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    Glad you got Promise attended to so quickly, and found a Specialist on a Saturday! That was a plus - even adding the fraught journey - it was worth it!
    Fingers crossed you will see some improvement over the next few days.

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    So glad that you saw the referral opthalmologist Sheena. A lesser mortal would have been either fobbed off or been persuaded by the vet to have the eye removed altogether. Remember how my very good friend Reg had to manhandle me out of the vet's because I was about to hit him where it hurts for telling me Holly's eye was not viable. Thanks to Christine Heinrich she still has it and hasn't ulcerated for perhaps 3 years.

    Does Promise have recurrent eye ulcers?

    Bijou does the same as Holly P at eye ointment times Jane. I call her name and the name of the ointment and she comes running from wherever she might be at the time, then sits waiting to be put onto the kitchen worktop for the application to be done.
    Warmest wishes

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    Elspeth, you're as bad as me on days of the week. It was Friday. Says she who managed to miss the dustmen last week, thinking Wednesday was Tuesday.
    Sheena Stevens

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    Oops. missed the 'yesterday' part, was looking at the date of your post - apologies! Just as well it was a Friday? Not too many Specialists the day after.
    Hope some improvement by now. Keep us posted.

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    Some improvement - not enough. Corneal graft yesterday. Harsh on the nerves, but she got through it and I should be able to pick her up today.
    Sheena Stevens

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    Oh Sheena - I hope it goes as it did for Bijou! Was Promise's the biomaterial? Pig's bladder or intestine based? There is another type that I can't remember. I’m assuming that her nictitating membrane was stitched to her upper eyelid? You’ll already have been told, but the first week is very hard as you can't see the eye and cleaning is SO hard: holding her still and being very gentle, but at least the drops don't have to be so frequent. It then gets harder when the stitches come out of the upper eyelid and the (various) drops have to be every hour or so, plus keeping her indoors and out of draughts, wind, rain, dust, etc. and her having to wear the Elizabethan collar 24/7.

    I said that at first Bijou’s eye was not healing as fast as Dr Goulle would have liked: a mo nth on the graft had still not fully connected at the centre BUT there were blood vessels (which made the eye very ugly) which were a good sign. Then it picked up; at the last control he was pleased and surprised at how much it had improved. Although he wants me to send him an e-mail in August to let him know how she is, he doesn’t need to see her until September. Here are some photos: the graft was done on 25 March so we’re three months on. They are not wonderful as she didn’t want to cooperate! Tchi seemed to know what I was doing: she sniffed Bijou’s eye although she generally ignores it.

    BTW, Bijou will be eight on 17 August and Dr Goulle said most of his corneal graft patients have been a) younger and b) French Bulldogs.

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    Thanks Jane ... it was her own conjunctiva that was used for the graft. The top half of the eye was coming along nicely with the blood vessels doing their work even though it looked awful, but it was the lower half that wasn't doing so well. Effectively now she's blind in the eye, apart from light and shade at the periphery, although they're hoping that over the next three months at least the light and shade distinction will spread. He didn't say it was stitched though - I'm picking her and her Elizabethan collar up later today, so will find out!2014-06-23 EYE11.jpg picture attached is what it looked like before the surgery ...they still say it's the weather that caused it!
    Sheena Stevens

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    No, not stitched closed. Umpteen different drops and meds though, back in ten days. She is extremely fed up and doesn't like the collar at all. Didn't eat any food last night, apparently, not terribly interested at the moment.
    Sheena Stevens

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