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    Just to let you all know that I am still looking for an year old+ male Blenheim puppy. Have been close once or twice thanks to this forum, but as yet no joy. Any help will be much appreciated.


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    Gosh, you've been trying for some time now. Hopefully someone will be able to help you soon... A good idea to re-post.

    Makes me wonder whether we should be looking now for the future or indeed to try and get a mating with our Sydney (now fully Mri'd, heart, eye and DE/CC & EF clear), however we would have to search for the right "lady" for him and hope that the owners approved.... also because Sydney is a little bit bigger, breeders may be worried that he would throw bigger pups... however his parents and siblings are smaller than him....

    Fingers crossed for you. (and also for Sydney!)
    Julie, Peter,
    Sydney & Harvey - Jake 21.02.11 - Bertie 21.11.16

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    Thanks julieb7, it does seem a very long time, but no doubt the right dog will be mine shortly ( I hope).

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