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Thread: My 12 year old beautiful little boy advice please

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    Question My 12 year old beautiful little boy advice please

    Jack is 12 years old and has just started to scream out at night, Have taken him to 3 different vets and a specialist and no-one can
    tell me what is wrong with him. The specialist thinks it is neurological, has anyone else experienced this with their cav....any advice would be
    gratefully received. He has an enlarged heart and his kidneys are struggling, but overall he is happy and playful through the day and eats well.

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    Did any of the vets prescribe any meds at all? i.e. painkillers?
    Sheena Stevens

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    I was just wondering where Jack sleeps. Is he in a crate, bed, alone, with other animals, too hot, shadows at the window, etc, etc?

    Lexie can have the occasional "odd" moment at night, and I'm sure she's scared of the dark.
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    Thank you.

    Yes the vet gave Jack a cortisone injection. He had dreadful panting for a couple of days and his screaming stopped for a few days. When he screams it only
    last about 3 seconds and happens 3 or 4 times a night with the odd night free. He has had vestibula attacks, but not for over a year, and has tremors of the
    head. One vet wanted to put him to sleep, this is not an option, as he seems happy most of the time.

    Thank you for getting back to me, I am at my wits end to help my little boy.

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    Thank you. He sleeps in his basket in our bedroom. We do leave a night light on for him as his sight isnt that good. He has a cooling mat in his bed as he doesn't cope
    with the heat. It is winter here in Australia so he is quite comfortable.

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    I am sorry to hear about this problem.

    Has he been MRI scanned? Perhaps that might be too much for him unless a general anaesthetic was used, but an experienced neurologist would be likely to recognise the symptoms and treat accordingly. Gabapentin would be a good place to start. Is the neurologist familiar with Clare Rusbridge's advice and recommendations where clinical signs suggest CM/SM?
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    No he hasn't had MRI, that is the next step, very expensive $1500, but will have to discuss the anaesthetic risk with neurologist. We have to wait till he gets back
    from Melbourne in 3 weeks. I didn't think he would have CM/SM as he has not had any symptoms, the screaming started about 3 months ago. It had crossed my mind
    re CM/SM but thought Jack being 12 was too old to have this all of a sudden. I will check out Clare Rusbridge's advice, did see a link in the forum.
    I took Jack to an acupuncturist and he suggested gabapentin, so will mention this to the Vet.
    Thank you so much for your advice

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    could it be back pain? When my dog was 8 he injured his back making him scream. he was given prednisone for short time to let his back heal. he is almost 11 now.

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    Is he turning or moving when he screams? Could well be back or joint issue, but does seem odd that he only screams at night

    My Lexie has slipping kneecaps, luxating patella. She would randomly yelp at a really high pitch for no apparent reason, including during the night - although I have to stress that this wasn't daily or weekly. She's now on a Glucosamine – Chondroitin joint tablet and doesn't yelp at all
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    He has had xrays and they do show degeneration to the spine and neck. We have had a course of arthritis injections, have not helped. Am going to try
    acupuncture to see if that helps. I will mention prednisone to the vet this week. Thank you.

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