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    Quote Originally Posted by Alice Scanlon View Post
    Hi just rejoined but was here before I think. Have bred and shown for over 30 years. Had my first Cavalier in 1982 - Tri colour called Scrumpy (Super Scrumpy of Petonbank, he was Amantra/ Maxholt breeding) Scrumpy was never shown by us but lived untilhe was almost 16 and was the most delightful litte boy. Our first forage into the ring was with another little tri called Sports Editor (Granasil Ratzipuss x Edela New Years Promise) he had 3 best in shows all breeds and over 50 best of breeds. Our first little girl was a Blenheim called Haylea of Rhybank (when Rhybank was Heather Fereday!!) the current family consists of three Blenheim girls Barcris Sparkling Return to Brantwood (Abbie) is ten and a half, Brantwood Magic Touch (Maisie) is ten and Brantwood Touch of Magic (Daisy) is seven in November, she is ten generations straight down the Brantwood bitch line. Not breeding anymore but retired and loving life on the east yorkshire coast. Look forward to many interesting chats.Alice Scanlon
    I think we already know each other Alice Nice to see you here. I'm still showing Little Joe in Veteran now and again and of course Holly P is Queen of the Tailwaggers at most of the Fun Shows.

    Interesting to see the antecedents of your dogs. I'm still very sad that Jean Grant died of that horrible disease. I met her daughter Lesley for the first time at the Combined Champ Show in July. We had a nice chat and I am so glad that she has kept the Granasil boys on.
    Warmest wishes

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    Hello Alice,

    I too have a boy with Amantra breeding, Toby (Flossybrook Dreams) who is coming up to 7 months has an Amantra/Narayden background. He's a lovely little chap and as bright as a button. I hope he has inherited the same longevity as Scrumpy. I have not stepped into the world of the show ring so far, my other boy, Max is a timid little thing but I'm getting tempted to show Toby. Also thinking that its high time I retired from my part time job and followed my long time dream to start dog breeding. Great to hear that your boys and girls have had long and happy lives

    Sheila H [EMAIL=""]

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