MalWare is the geek term for Malicious Software. This covers things like Trojans that install in your computer, can send out emails, or automatically redirect you when you try to go to a website, and can show popups that your pc has an issue and that you need to run a special scan to fix it.

Also to be aware - if you go to a web page or even a search page and see text that says You have PC problems, or Download to scan your computer for security issues, etc - they're all scams to get you to pay for a service - which you can do freely and quickly for yourself.

In the past I always used Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. I still use that as it works well - I run it every 6 months or so. Just search for "Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool" but only click on web addresses that start with

But there is now a new Anti MalWare program called HerdProtect - which is cloud based. That means that it downloads a tiny bit of software, but the bulk of the program is on the internet. This program currently uses 68 different on-line MalWare engines to check your PC. I use this and have had great success with it.

Their website is for downloading the program.

Their Facebook page is