Iím having a clear out and have a lot of Kennel Club Toy Group Breed Records supplements that are free to anyone who would like to pay the postage Ė or collect from me down here in France!

Iím not doing the database any more: it became Tomís hobby more than mine and Iíve scarcely looked at them for a year or more.

There are:
the last quarter of 1997
the complete year of 1998
the first of 1999
third and fourth quarters of 2000
the first of 2001
complete years of 2002 to 2007
the first and second quarter of 2008.

There may be some more, but I havenít yet found them. They are quite heavy, about 175 grams each, and the postage for one to Europe is 4.15Ä, for two 6.15Ä and from three to six 8.80Ä and more than six up to twelve, 12.65Ä.

For the rest of the world it is 5.65Ä, 7.40Ä, 10.85Ä or six to twelve, 17.00Ä.