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    Elspeth...I think there was an unusual happening at Scottish Cavalier. Litter sisters Sandbrae Beyond the Blue and Sandbrae Sapphire at Drumachose tied for the Oldest Cavalier exhibited at the show. Born 14th January 2004 and winning Tracey's 20 donation. Well done. Dont recall there ever been littermates who have won it before. Did you split the money or was it a matter of winner takes all!

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    Hi Norma,
    That's right. Coco and Eva shared the prize., so we split the money.
    Eva is older by a few minutes (had to look up my old whelping books to check that one, LOL), but both Janet and I decided to donate the prize money to the Rescue and Health Funds half to each.
    Big thank you to Tracey for her donation and hope she approves.

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    Sorry, should have added that 4 of the 5 litter siblings appeared in the Vintage Parade. Kizzie, Ewan, Coco and Eva. Peter lives in Stoke on Trent so a bit far for him to come, but all still hale and hearty at 10 yrs 9 mths.

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    That is nice; I liked that you checked who was actually born first: did they appear in the vintage parade in age order


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    Sorry Jane,
    No, they didn't, LOL. Didn't look up the book until I got home. In order they are Kizzie, Eva, Peter Coco and Ewan. All B/Tans.

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