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    Default May we introduce ourselves.

    Hello there,
    My name is Jane and I am the owner of a little boy Cavi called Patch who will be 7 in February. Patch came tp live with us 4 years ago when his previous owners had to sadly part with him due to their little girls asthma. Patch is the 3rd Cavi I have owned, the first came to live with us after my partner's ex wife could no longer care for her. Sasha was 10, massively overweight at 19.6 kgs (yes really) and she was suffering a grade 5-6 murmur and in heart failure. Sasha was the most beautiful girl and it was because of her that I fell in love with these gorgeous dogs. Sadly we only had Sasha for a year before she passed but we managed to make her last year as good as we could, she lost weight gained back her strength and enjoyed the company of our labrador ( Maisie is nearly 11 but she just doesn't realise it).
    After Sasha we rescued a little girl from a so called rescue kennel. It turned out that she had been used solely for breeding there, she was in a horrendous state, with one eye, incontinent, unable to walk properly and with a grade 6 murmur. I had her for a number of hours only as it was clear she was suffering and I felt the only thing I could do for her was have her PTS. This broke my heart but she had been through too much.
    I now have Patch who means the world to me. In Feb this year he had a malignant melanoma removed from his ear. Patch has done really well and doesn't seem to have any sign of it returning.
    Sadly I had to take him to the vet last week with an anal gland issue and the vet has given me the terrible news that he has a grade 1 murmur.
    I came accross this forum searching for advice on how I can help keep him well for as long as possible. He will be having a doppler and scan of his heart to see if or what the damage may be. To say I am devastated would be an understatement.
    If anyone can give any advice I would be so grateful. Patchy is part of the family and I don't want to lose him.
    Many Thanks to all, so sorry it's a long first post.

    Jane x

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    Hello Jane, Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting about your Cavaliers you have rescued and the love and heartache you have been through. You say that Patchy has a grade 1 heart murmur, this is the lowest grade murmur, so if this is correct he hopefully will still have years where he is still healthy. It might not progress into a more severe murmur for quite some time, so try not to worry. Some Cavaliers have a low grade murmur and live into their teens, some unfortunately have clear tests, then go down hill quickly; there is no hard and fast rule. I hope you have many years of joy with Patchy.

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    Hi Jane,

    What a wonderful job you have been doing. I hope patch lives to a ripe old age.

    Sheila H [EMAIL=""]

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    Welcome, Jane.

    Sorry to hear of Patch's heart murmur. I have a pair of rescues, who both came to me some years ago as pups.

    My Alfie is now 8. During a procedure in October 2012 the vets found that he had a grade 2 murmur, but the nurse failed to tell me that as she handed him back to me. During his yearly MOT in March 2013 I was advised that he is now at a grade 3. A cavalier friend pointed me towards 30 mg Co~Q10 capsules. These capsules help the heart muscle, and Alfie gets one every day with his breakfast. I buy from Nature's Best Click here

    I also give him MultiVitality Senior (Formerly Trimboost) suppliments from VetVits, again for his heart. He has 2 of these tablets every day in with his tea. I buy direct from vetVits Click here

    I've dropped his weight down as he was a bit portly and heading for 10 Kg, but he's now 7.8 Kg

    At his March 2014 MOT his heart was still a 3.

    Not saying that these items will stop or cure the heart murmur, but it might hold it for a while
    Click this line to see Alfie's Picasa web photo albums

    Click this line to see Alfie's You Tube videos
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    Hello Jane,

    Welcome! I would not be desperately concerned that Patch has a grade 1 murmur: I live in France and there are five grades here: strictly normal, then 1 to 4. These grades ARE by ultrasound, so not the same as in the UK, but dogs at grade 2 not before three years of age may be bred from. I have a couple of 14 years olds here; they have both been on heart medication, when diagnosed as grade 4, for a couple or more years, and are going strong. Raziela can still jump on the sofa although Rascally has a bit of arthritis. I do give her a herbal remedy which seems to help. They both trot round the field, but their fastest speed is now canter: they no longer gallop.


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    Smile Welcome

    Hope you enjoy being part of our forum, and that you find the advice here to be helpful
    Jenny at Erinport
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