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    Hi, i have been out of breeding for a few years now, Molly C used to advise me.
    I thought my 3yo Ruby had become barren as had no season for a very long time, or silent ones.
    Anyway she has Just come in, about 3 days.

    I will be looking to breed this time around.
    She is sired by a Homerbrent dog and i also own her mother who is Homerbrent bred.
    This would be a rare opportunity to obtain a puppy from the resulting litter for the right breeder.

    So, i am looking for a stud dog, as have no mentor and have been out of the loop for so long.
    The dog must be at least 3yo with good results from MRI, the parents of the dog must also have good results, and ideally other generations.
    Must be heart and eye clear with good health in the line.
    Line must be clear of DE, CC and EFS

    Any suggestions will be very much appreciated

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    Have a look at the group on Facebook - Cavalier Health Tested Stud Dogs
    Sheena Stevens

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    Not sure if you have access to facebook there are 10 wholecolour males I have PM'd you a list of names and owners
    Bridgette Evans
    Svena CKCS

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