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    Default Nail Clippers

    Hi all,
    For years I have used Mars nail clippers, and been very happy with them. However, the last set I bought, about 6 months ago, are now blunt, or seem to be so as they slip and slide off the nails.
    It may be that they were just a bad lot, but at almost 30 that seems unlikely.
    So, does anyone have a recommendation as to a good reliable set please? All the nails in our house are black with a couple of exceptions, so must be done regularly.
    Thanks in anticipation.

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    Default Mikki nail clippers for Small pets

    I use Mikki nail clippers for Small pets on my pair. Fit well in the hand and the cutting jaws are nice and small, so easy to get between claw and front of the pad.

    I have some large Ancol ones, and a guillotine type, but find these small Mikki to be really good. Mine has the clip to keep them closed when not in use, but I see on eBay that they do some without that clip as well


    Examples of 2 Mikki types from many on eBay Mikkie nail clippers - small pets Mikki-Dog-Nail-Clipper
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    Still using a pair of Mars classic clippers here (years old by now!) and also an emery board as some are happy to just sit on my knee with an emery board while I file away...sends them to sleep and safer for the black nails!


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    I also use Mikki clippers, and as they have a guard piece under the blades it's virtually impossible to cut too much off. So IMO they're super safe for cutting black or brown coloured nails.

    Robs will happily lie relaxed on his back while I clip away. He's also lain like this for the vet to cut his nails, which really impressed her!


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