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Thread: Tregarron CKCS - are there any out there??

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    Default Tregarron CKCS - are there any out there??

    I have a black and tan bitch bred by Miss Betty Dowd, called Jessie. She was born 16/11/99 (which just happened to be my dad's 70th birthday!), so she's now well over 15 years old! I was wondering if any of her siblings were still alive, or if any of her other relatives have lived to a good age. Her parents were Tregarron Dixie (whose father was Champion Homerbrent Illusion) and Tregarron Black Star.

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    Hi, have just seen this thread, I knew Betty well and used one of her stud dogs Tregarron Its Now Or Never, (Todd), as regards your cavalier, I remember Black Star, (Stella). Todds pedigree went back to Homerbrent lines as well.

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    Can you please contact Dave Norris and get your Jessie added to the Cavalier Club's Golden Oldie list please?
    Bridgette Evans
    Svena CKCS

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    I'm another who knew Betty Dowd well, for over 20 years I think. My boy Rebel's dam was Betty's Tregarron Wooden Heart (Heidi) and bred by the late Christine Greenaway (Chrisandawn); Heidi was another who also went back well into Molly's Homerbrent lines.

    I always admired both Todd and Stella whenever I saw them in the ring, but must admit my favourite Tregarron Dog of all time was T. Cornish Caprice. I saw her for the first time at one of the West of England champ. shows in the early 1980s and was rooted to the spot when I first saw her because she was so close to perfection in my eyes.

    Betty was very set in her ways and absolutely refused to have a computer or to have any interest in the internet. I think it might have been Lesley Hirstwood (Quintrelle) who put some of her pedigrees on line for her or perhaps it was Christine?
    Warmest wishes

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    The last one I could find in my database was born in 2006 T Bossanova Baby

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    Tregarron Memphis Memories of Twyforde born 29th January 2009. Twyforde is the affix of Sandra Coles, who together with Molly took in some of Betty's Cavaliers when she broke her ankle, and she obviously kept this one!
    Sheena Stevens

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    Late news of another Tregarron Cavalier -

    Diane Irwin still has her Jamie. 30/12/07. He was by Homerbrent Mastermind out of Tregarron My Good Luck Charm.

    Jamie is Tregarron My Memories at Rishtte.
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    Sheena Stevens

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    I've just found this thread again, as a friend was asking me about CKCS, as she would like to get one, so I said try to find one connected to Tregarron. Jessie, my Black and Tan, turned 16 last November. She's got cataracts in both eyes, is deaf and often incontinent, but she still eats well and enjoys pottering about in the garden. How do I contact Dave Norris?

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