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Thread: the only one....... Bijou is a granny!

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    Hi Alison,

    Yes, it's lovely here: I've lived here longer than anywhere in my life before!

    I had a visitor today: Matteo, great grandson of a neighbour, has a family that owns dogs, cats and horses, but still likes to see my dogs.

    first stroking Lettie:

    and then Lettie got hold of Granny Bijou's tail...

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    It’s been three years since I last registered a litter of puppies and I remembered that, as the SCC no longer maintains the register of microchips, I had to allow a few days for the details to be registered in ICAD’s database to be available for cross reference by the SCC. I did Lettie’s registration on-line last Wednesday and was amazed to receive her certifict de naissance (birth certificate) this morning!

    Her father, Impy du Mont Berrue, had all the excellent show results and health tests necessary to be Cotation 4 when the mating took place, but the details hadn’t then been confirmed.

    I hadn’t really realised that Bijou had amassed nine CACs, and double checked her show results to be sure: she was one of the only two wholecolour bitches to win more than one CAC at breed specialties in 2013: the other, Feeling of Sevijeans, won three, one at the Championnat, so became a champion.

    Alexius of Woodville, a French champion, is Cot. 4 but I am sure than he has more than three progeny who are also Cot. 4: perhaps his owner hadn’t applied for his Cot. 6. To obtain that, the dog or bitch has to have produced at least three progeny by two different mates who have also reached Cot. 4. Hazel, Catemmsal Bête Noire, produced Unicité, Vincent, Bijou and Cedric who all reached Cot. 4, as well as Turo (Bacchante D N d F) in Finland. Although he was the most successful of her progeny, he doesn’t count under the French scheme!

    Any dog Cot. 3 or Cot. 4 has to be OK for all the relevant health tests, but to obtain Cot. 4 it has to have better show results. Basically, with some possible variations, it must have been graded “excellent” at either the NE or the Championnat and to have been placed 1st to 4th “excellent” in Intermediate or Open at three breed specialties; the four results under at least three different judges. One placed “excellent” in Junior at a breed specialty when it was over a year also counts…………. Complicated? Yes, but after a while it gets easier to understand! FCI exhibitors trying to get to grips with the myriad of possible classes at British shows think the FCI system is so much easier: once over the age of two it can only go in Open or, if qualified, Champion.

    EXCNE means a dog that has breed graded excellent at the National d’élevage, THE breed club shows, DNA means the dog has DNA identification and DNAComp means that the dog’s parentage has been verified by DNA.

    ChPN means Nordic Champion, ChLU means Luxemburg champion and ChFCS means French Champion.

    There was one thing I’d not seen before: Impy also has CSAU, which is “Certificat de Sociabilité et d’Aptitude à Utilisation”. It is pretty much like the sociability and basic obedience test organised by the Cavalier and King Charles Club; and also a requirement for a Cotation; but controlled by the SCC and open to all dogs, pedigree or not.

    A while ago I’d queried with the SCC that eye and heart tests results don’t appear on the pedigrees, and it is apparently down to the breed club to decide whether they want them to be.

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