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    I think this might be useful: The Swedish Kennel Club, in conjunction with certain others in the UK, is making a study of the shape of Cavalier skulls. The details are here:

    It looks to be a sensible study, and may provide some answers. Only dogs living in the UK and registered with the Kennel Club are eligible, for reasons that are apparent when you read it.

    There are a couple of other schemes, details on the Cavalier Club website

    It would be good to spread the word to all Cavalier owners in the UK, pets or show just as long as they are KC registered.


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    Thank you for posting that Jane. I have 3 Cavaliers of the appropriate age and will take the pictures over the weekend for submission.

    Slightly off topic but possibly interesting: I visit Birmingham Children's Hospital with Holly P, my Pets As Therapy dog. A teenager on one of the internal medicine wards mentioned to me recognised Holly's breed immediately and asked whether she has CM or SM. I asked how he knew about the problems and he told me that he had been transferred from neuro surgery to his present ward for a shunt to be fitted to drain excess fluids. He had had a wedge of occiputal bone removed after a MRI scan showed he has CM. I am told that the neurosurgeon uses the Cavalier as an example to explain the condition to patients and parents.

    Of course it naturally followed that Holly and I started to visit the neuro. ward this week, where we were quickly found by the surgeon in question. He asked whether I am in touch with Clare Rusbridge, so I explained that Rebel was diagnosed at Chester Gates, but that the vet was in touch with her for advice when expertise was needed to relieve Rebel's symptoms. I will be visiting the ward weekly, so I am hoping to have further chats with this obviously very caring man.
    Warmest wishes

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    That is so interesting, Flo: I hope he has time to talk more with you


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    I wonder what the selection criteria will be. Will the dogs be selected to prove the point that the short skull is a cause of SM or will it be random sample (that may actually disprove that theory)?
    Greetings from Joanna & Maxi, Zoe & Arabella (Kissabella)

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