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    I've missed some: I hadn't known Maggie Jones had died. She came and stayed with us one September; 2008, I think, not very long after she'd had some major stomach surgery. She was exploring France on her own and had, she said, slept in her car one night because she hadn't found a hotel or chambre d'hote. When Tom asked why she hadn't phoned us; a day or two early would have been no problem; she told us she was too far away. She had covered a huge area and made us laugh at some of the things she'd seen and done. Naturally she'd managed to ensure that her visit coincided with a local-ish dog show. It was at Sorges, a village heralded as the truffle centre of the Périgord region. I remember it being a lovely sunny day, and after judging was over she wandered around the various and many stalls - very few of which sold anything to do with dogs. She returned with a beaming smile and a slice of truffle, which was in oil (walnut, I think) in a small jar. She joked that she had saved one night's hotel bill to pay for it - probably not far from the truth!

    Oddly I'd not seen or heard from her since; she wasn't at Crufts the last time I went, three years ago, but I gathered then that her health was failing.


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