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    We regularly have a little training/games session each evening andas part of this the boys practice what we call "push ups" - sit, down, stand, stay, etc as well as having more riotous fun. As a puppy Herbie particularly loved walking to heel up and down the the hallway, and has now turned this into a game that'd probably get us chucked out of obedience training. But he sometimes gets a bit mulish, and doesn't care to do the more serious parts though he'll be quite happy to do the fun things. He had a session like this a couple of nights back and refused to stand, doing anything and everything but, and I ended up being a bit short with him. The next night Herbie was still being a bit bolshie, and Robs who'd already done his push ups bit and had had his reward, came and stood by his side, and "led" him through his session. One will often join in a bit when the other is having his turn, and they do often learn from/copy each other, but I've never seen either of them actually lead the other like that before - it was quite different behaviour from their usual "look at clever ME mum, I'm dong it too!) behaviour. I was quite touched by this apparent "act of kindness".


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    They never cease to amaze, do they? My lot are all fed individually in their crates, but one crate is in fact a large trolley that easily holds three of them. They have to go in the crates while I prepare the food (and usually bark their heads off with excitement - I can never understand it, because they know it happens every day ...). Lola and Petal share the crate with a relative newcomer, Velvet. If either Lola or Petal or both are late or too interested in doing something else to hop in, Velvet gets out and herds them - if they don't go in with her moving around behind them and pushing them forward she'll resort to grabbing an ear and pulling them in!
    Sheena Stevens

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