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Thread: Photos of our "Twa Dugs" (Two Dogs in English)

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    Default Photos of our "Twa Dugs" (Two Dogs in English)

    I joined the other week and I am still finding my way around this forum but thought it would be only right to post a couple of pics of the reasons for joining the Cav Chat forums. So hear are our two babies - Charlie who is our three year old lad, and Ziva - our 12 week old lady (although she sure hasn't learned to behave like one yet!

    Ziva arrived from Leeds after a 400 mile journey in the car with so many stops "just to check she is ok" that I now know more about motorway rest areas and "doggy bins" than I really need to. She then met Charlie and they have slowly developed a bond, to the point where when they've been out together in the last week, he will get closer and look out for her when other dogs approach. Although as can be seen below, if Charlie believes that Ziva is getting too uppity, he will put her in her place quite quickly.

    The last couple of pictures were her first outings after the vaccination waiting period. Just like Charlie, Ziva loved the beach - although the sea is still a bit scary! BTW: because we live by the coast, the beach is great playground for the dogs, but we are both well aware of the dangers of seaweed and also making sure they don't try and eat sand.

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    Welcome to the group. they do look lovely

    My Alfie was 3 when he finally took to the water Lexie is 5 now and still not 100% sure

    Click this line to see Alfie's Picasa web photo albums

    Click this line to see Alfie's You Tube videos
    Mark, and my Blen - Lexie DOB 7/07/11, and my B/T - Katie DOB 01/12/12

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