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Thread: Movitone news 1973 brief shots of Aquarius BIS

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    Default Movitone news 1973 brief shots of Aquarius BIS

    AP Movitone News report of Crufts 1973.
    At the end comes shots of the BIS winning Cavalier.

    The commentary is dire, every year they repeat "all the dogs are champions", the BIS is "Supreme Champion", and they have a fixation of saying the BIS is now
    worth 10,000, though by 1975 they had increased this to 12,000.
    Another mistake is saying the Cavalier was the 'first spaniel" to win BIS. Forgetting the 6 won by Cocker Spaniels, they meant first Cavalier of course.
    Its not up to much, but is the only cine film of that year I have found.

    Rather long link but I think it works.

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    It has taken years to educate the commentators to stop using phrases like Supreme Champion; but it was nice to see Aquarius, and interesting that the Landseers and Newfoundlands were together in the same class.
    thanks for the link,


    PS I remember Angela Rippon commentating for the BBC as a white Standard Poodle in lion cut went round the ring. She referred to the dog as "she" when it was VERY evident it was not female

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    Forgot to say thank you for posting the link Roger. It was good to see what little there was of Aquarius
    Warmest wishes

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    That's OK. There may be some BBC tape somewhere of that year. They showed a 50 min program that year.
    Not online to my knowledge, and may even be wiped?

    In 1974, I remember the BBC film crew around the Cavalier ring, at Crufts for a Man Alive program.
    Thanks to BBC Genome webpage we can still read the Radio Times write up;

    Man Alive

    BBC Two England, 20 March 1974 20.10
    This week: Top Dog
    No self-respecting dog would dream of missing Crufts.
    And so it was that 7,877 of them, with their owners, came together at Olympia last month for the 78th show -and ' Burtonswood Bossy Boots,' the St Bernard, beat them all.
    JOHN PITMAN was there, too, with a Man Alive film crew following the trail of owners and their dogs in the week leading up to the big show.
    The ' doggy people ' - as they call themselves - are a mixed bag. There's a retired company director and his wife who live in a big house with Great Danes; two bachelors who breed Cavalier King Charles spaniels; a little lady with a big poodle; and a pretty teenager who, for the moment, prefers Afghans to boy-friends. But they all have one thing in common: an incredible love of dogs and dog shows. ' Other people think we must be mad,' says one. ' And I suppose we are.'

    Can't help thinking they were there to poke fun at 'doggy people', but I only vaguely remember watching it, and we had no Video recorder back then.

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    "Poking fun" at dog breeders seems to be the only way TV people know.
    I thought this only recently when watching the One Show covering the Yorkshire Show.
    Goats, pigs and cattle were shown and covered with a degree of seriousness.....luckily no dogs!
    The contrast was stark.

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    I do wonder why they do it: what is it about dog breeders that makes producers want to poke fun????

    Some time ago there was a documentary on dog showing on French TV and it was a breath of fresh air. The producers picked breeders of very different types of dog, showed them grooming, training and exhibiting, and also spoke to one of France's fairly few professional handlers. It was balanced, informative and suggested that it is an expensive hobby done for pleasure and comparatively few make any money. I know the handler slightly and told him I'd seen the programme: he had been pleased with it. He had stated his fee for handling and what was involved, but it was treated quite matter of factly. From the ones I've seen, French documentaries are rarely sensationalised, no matter what the subject.


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