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    Default Hello from Lexi&her mum

    Hi all what a lovely forum I have a 5 year old B&T Cav called Lexi she is my second. My first Cav I got when I was 7 she was a B&T as well. Such amazing sweet natured dogs I would never be without one. I hope everyone is well and ur Cavs are too💜 I would post a picture but I can't figure out how haha

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    Hello Lexi and Mum.

    I have a Lexie, who has her moments We look forward to photos once you've posted enough comments

    DSCF8289-Lexie-settee-Oct-05-2015.jpg DSCF8430-Lexie-belly-rub-Oct-11-2015.jpg
    Click this line to see Alfie's Picasa web photo albums

    Click this line to see Alfie's You Tube videos
    Mark, and my Blen - Lexie DOB 7/07/11, and my B/T - Katie DOB 01/12/12

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    Welcome and yes.... some photos would be great...
    Julie, Peter,
    Sydney & Harvey - Jake 21.02.11 - Bertie 21.11.16

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    The forum is a bit quiet at the moment; but don't let that deter you from telling us about your Lexi AND how you were lucky enough to have your own Cavalier when you were seven!


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