I will never know if it's some strange coincidence but with the regime I've used over about 20 years none of my dogs has been diagnosed with mvd under 6 years of age and none have needed any other medication for it.

Obviously regular exercise is important, which all of mine have always enjoyed, and after a light breakfast I give them an oil of garlic capsule each. I do a full groom and health maintenance check every Sunday morning, included in which is one 200 mg vitamin e capsule. I also get the stethoscope out to listen to hearts, done after exercise followed by the groom, which I think would be the best time show up any advancing mvd sounds. I hear little change and this is almost always confirmed by the vet at their six monthly checks in the surgery.

The loudest murmour I can recall any of my dogs having, albeit towards the end of their lives, has been an advance from 1-2 to a 3 or thereabouts and this was Rebel who of course had ever advancing SM.

I've only ever had 2 dogs, uncle and nephew, who were close relatives of each other, which might explain the low gradings of their murmours, so perhaps breeding and a little bit of coincidence be at the heart of this, but then how can it be explained that half a dozen or so previous dogs showed similar results?

Somebody is sure to have the expertise to shoot my regime to pieces over this, but I and my vet are happy with all the 3 SM free dogs I have with me, aged 7, 8 and 9 respectively, graded at 1 or 1-2 in each case. Holly does have a number of trips to the vet because of her CC/DE related problems but neither of the other 2 boys need to see the vet for other than dentals or the annual health checks and booster vaccinations.