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Thread: Hula has been busy

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    Moet is good :-) but I think Minx is tempting fate

    I've had a Max, which I like, but prefer not to repeat names or use names of family members or friends. My cousin Nigel also now has a young son called Maximillian; obviously Max for short! I've also an Aunt Margaret and cousin Martin, my father was Michael but always called Mick and I had an uncle Maurice.

    I've also had Madam, Minnehaha, Maria, Molly, Major and Merle. They were all in the UK and not necessarily owned or named by me, but I've got quite superstitious in my old age: don't know why....


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    You have got me thinking about names now. So far I have come up with Macduff (Mac), Murphy, or Maddison (Maddie ) for a boy and Marigal (Maddie again ),Missy or Minuet (Minnie )for a girl.
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    Meridienne? Milittante? Macavity? Musketeer? The McCallan?
    Sheena Stevens

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    I’d moved things out of the puppy room (my bedroom) while I vacuumed and washed the floor. I put the pups in there and gave them their tea while I did a few other things. About ¾ hours later I went back to discover that, as usual, the pups had wanted a nap after eating. I, neglectful person that I am, had not put their bed back. Three of them improvised and pulled one of my pink suede boots off the rack and curled up on that. The other two went into the bathroom and pulled the bath mat under the cupboard under the washbasin and curled up on that!

    No photos of Raziela with the pups – she keeps away from them, but Rascally is perfectly happy for them to cuddle up with her.

    A few days ago I went to hospital with someone for a consultation, in case she need a translator. The surgeon spoke English so I wasn’t needed. Once home I offered Mary a cup of tea. The pups were in a pen in the sitting room, I let them out into their garden and brought them back in once they’d all done a wee. I then went into the kitchen and Mary said “The pups are following you!” Three had slipped through the bars of the baby gate (first time they’d tried that!) and one was in Tchi’s bed. Tchi was just looking without much apparent interest, but mindful of her power and the fact she can be a bit crotchety I don’t really want the pups near her. The solution was easy: I took a wire shelf from a clothes dryer and attached that to the baby gate, and although they have tried, valiantly, they can’t get through.

    Yes, I do go on but it’s so long since I had a litter of more than one that it’s like learning again, watching the interaction between pups and the pups and adults. They all play with Lettie now, but Goldi is often a bit grumpy and not keen.

    This morning I had both interior and exterior doors of the dog room open and all the pups came scampering down and then, a bit hesitantly, outside, the first time they’d been in the dog room or the big “garden”. The wind was chilly so I didn’t let them stay long, but they were all quite happy to be out.

    PS impressed at the hospital. Mary had some test results to give to the surgeon: she had suspected carpal tunnel syndrome. He did a few things to her hands, confirmed the diagnosis, explained the treatment and aftercare but was a bit surprised when she asked if she could drive immediately and said, no, not a very good idea. Then he asked when she’d like surgery? She said she’d be on holiday at the beginning of March so he said OK, end of March, checked his dairy, gave her a date and asked her to go to the anaesthetists’ office to make an appointment for her pre-op check-up and consolation. So quick!
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    And just how lucky were you that your boot didn't get chewed?
    Sheena Stevens

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    Lucky! Maybe it was because they'd just eaten - they don't, yet, seem to be great chewers - that was a silly thing to say as now they're bound to start! They are not quite six weeks old. I didn't get a photo, but one of the rubies had a soft toy twice as big as her that she was happily dragging along. I laughed (mistake!) so she dropped it and ran to my feet. I don't think they yet realise that my feet, hands and face are all part of the same creature, but when I speak they connect my feet and hands with the sound. They don't always look at my face, but are beginning to and when I told Goldi off certainly looked up into my eyes.

    They woke me early this morning, playing - or it could have been Hula pushing a cold nose in my face to ask me to deal with them........ I could have done without it as I had a late night: there is a Tex Mex restaurant near here which is closing and moving to the rather more touristy town of Brantome. Last night was their last, and a few friends and I had booked. We were too late for Tacos! Still, a good meal and I only had one glass of wine as I was driving but I do feel I could have had an extra hour in bed.

    The pups were out of their pen: I'd left the door unfastened to allow Hula to go in and out but they have now learned to push it open. As my feet hit the floor they got licked and the pups all followed me. I let them out and they all went willingly, but there was a chilly wind and within a few moments I heard a scratching at the door as one was asking to come back in, although the others were still trying to catch grass stems waving in the wind. I called them in and told them I had to get washed and dressed before I got their breakfast, but looking at their little hopeful faces thought better of it and went to prepare their food first. Hula came with me. She feeds them standing up now, and for shorter times, but there is a limit to the time she is willing to spend away from them and after a couple of hours wants to go back to them. She goes over and checks them but if they wake she often leaps onto the bed out of their way. When they're free in the living room she often just settles on a sofa and watches them. They haven't yet got to the stage where they look up and see her.

    I really am enjoying this litter! You can't tell, can you?????


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    I would be too - am not breeding any more, and I really - really - miss it.
    Sheena Stevens

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    and now my not quite Blenheims and tris at six weeks....... As I type they are rolling a child's toy car along the floor and chasing it

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    oh yes - it's mid February and these flowers are open!!!!!
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    Yesterday the pups had visitors - not me! The doorbell rang and there stood Mattheo, great Grandson of my neighbour, and his sister or cousin Cheyenne. "Salut Jane, où sont les bébés ?" he asked "Hi Jane, where are the babies?" Good socialisation for them - Mattheo hadn't seen Lettie for a while so was surprised at how she's grown.

    About an hour later the bell rang again: their grandfather, Julien "If I didn't come to collect them you'd find them still here this time next week" he said, "They won't leave of their own accord!"

    Mattheo once told me that although his family has dogs, they aren't as friendly and cuddly as mine.

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